VPN Provider free of charge. Compare checked services. VPN Services without log files?

VPN Free provider: Many of my readers ask for free VPN Services. In the following comparison I have the most important and trustworthy ones VPNProvider with free rates zusammengestellt.

VPNBut s are not software solutions that you can easily copy and distribute to users as often as you like.

Each VPN provides VPN-Server in various countries to the connection available and thus has to cover running costs (electricity, rent, bandwidth to the Internet, purchase data volume, maintenance costs etc). This also means that the more users one VPN Service has, the higher are its current expenses. Thereby offer VPN-Services usually only have limited access to it in order to limit customer growth and costs. Providers who have no limits and are free of charge also increasingly use the personal data of the users. Studies say that more than 70% of all VPN-Apps for Android are actually data octopuses, which also access the users' passwords and other data and often make money in the Darknet.

Important safety recommendation for everyone VPN Provider free of charge.

Install and use only VPNs, if you can also name the company behind the service or application with full name, address, and ideally also with telephone numbers or names of persons responsible. In any other case, I would strongly advise against installing it! The best example of this is securevpn.to.

VPN Provider free of charge VPN Provider free of charge WITHOUT log files

Da VPNProviders in some countries also assume liability by providing Internet access via their own IP addresses, free offers are usually logged by means of IP address protocols (log files). This data can be passed on as part of official investigations.

Usually create VPN- Providers free of charge the following records (log files):

  • Time of connection creation
  • Real IP address of the user
  • Used IP address of the VPN-Dienstes
  • Duration of the connection

It is therefore not to be assumed that free VPN- Services that do not have the users' data for advertising purposes or other benefits through the provision of the service, the liability itself. Therefore, according to legal requirements, these usage protocols are usually created.

Beware of fraudulent VPNApplications!

As has been seen from several international studies, “free VPN-Applications ”are also very often used for data collection or data monitoring. A current study from 2017, in cooperation with three universities, showed that at least 62% of all free VPNApps on smartphones offered in the official app stores are under suspicion of misusing users' data for other purposes.

Therefore I strongly advise against "VPN Provider free ”to install or use!

Reference: Study of January 2017 about VPNApplications for smartphones

VPN Provider free of charge

The following providers also offer free VPN-Services, however, due to the business practices or the terms and conditions, the data collection of the users or the data transfer to third parties (companies) are not prevented. This means that the use of these services involves the high risk that your own data will be passed on to third parties without being asked.

Since I do not want to support these services by a mention in a comparison, these are listed here!

Windscribe VPN

The provider which allegedly as free and ad-supported VPN-Service advertises users, does not exclude the transfer of data as a corporate object. One must assume that the provider sells the data obtained, including the activities of the users, at a profit.

Not recommended!

OKFreedom VPN

The provider was from Steganos VPN launched in cooperation with some German media companies. The obtained data will be made available to the cooperation partner for own advertising measures. Even the possibility of choosing a paid tariff does not preclude this data transfer.

Not recommended!


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