About the author and VPNTester.

I would like to introduce myself here briefly. I've been in the IT and Telecommunications industry since 1996, and of course for an ISP. On the one hand, I have believed in the freedom and innovation of the Internet in recent decades, but today I am a bit disillusioned.

Freedom on the Internet

Freedom on the Internet is being increasingly restricted by laws and regulations. Data retention and unbureaucratic requests from police and intelligence services are increasingly undermining the protection of citizens' privacy. Basically, politicians in recent years are trying to legalize the already existing state by law. (Data retention or what they call today). Of course, I also think that criminals should be persecuted. However, not everyone who spies here is also a criminal, really only the very least!

Terror seeks its way to communication in any case, that can not change the abolition of the privacy of millions!

I find it even more than cynical, if elected representatives now also think that just the encryption of data make the terror possible! It is also not really funny to make Edward Snowden co-responsible, as the terrorists have learned to protect themselves.

I experience cases almost every day where civil rights are simply ignored. Control of civil rights exists, but only on paper.

Blocked content on the Internet.

Of course, the copyright industry benefits from raising royalties and paying down payments for the publication of your works. You should also respect that. But it is an absurdity, if the US copyright lawyers from a streaming partner such. Netflix get money for the broadcast, and the Germans then see sorry if you want to resell the same films in Germany. That's why it's only legitimate, from my understanding, if you can access content abroad freely and on the same terms as anywhere. VPN makes this possible now. It is also weird if GEMA or programs financed by compulsory fees are not also available in the media libraries. Where are the thousands of productions? And why, when I'm on vacation, why can not I see ZDF news on the internet?

Well, that probably does not have any logic (at least none that are not labeled as conspiracy theories), but there are ways to make the Internet a "non-supervised" and "unlimited" place for yourself.

That's why I use it myself VPNProvider and provider and would like to submit on this page also my experiences and a rating. Hopefully, you can also get an idea of ​​the providers, and then decide for yourself.