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  • Great browser, just as fast as Chrome
  • Easy to handle
  • No extensions needed anymore
  • Full functionality
  • free


  • Only available in English
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If you are looking for a secure browser, you can not choose from a very large selection. Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. are being expanded more and more for convenience and are all starting to broadcast data to users in secret.

In addition, then the browser is tried on the other side with extensions like Ghostery, AdBlocker etc. more secure close. Unfortunately, this often causes the browsers to send exactly the opposite and even more data about the users at the end.

Any customization of a browser Also, similar to a tuned car, it makes them easier to recognize. Each extension is also recognizable to web servers and therefore offers the possibility of an individual fingerprint.

Only manual updates

Automatic updates of the Epic Browser Unfortunately, there is not. To do this, the browser would have to log in to a service again and ask for a newer version, consequently, he does not. But you can sign up in my newsletter and get this information in time.
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Epic Browser

The Epic Browser is a Google Chrome version, which has been weaned from “sending data”.

This required major changes in some cases. The result is a browser which, like Google Chrome, is easy to use and does not require any further extensions to be considered "safe". By making all Epic users appear the same, more anonymity can be achieved in general.

The browser is loaded directly from the developer's site and appears larger than the Google Chrome browser. But that's because Google Chrome reloads needed updates and extensions later independently. But this is exactly what the developers wanted to avoid. There is no communication with Google or other extension providers.

Epic Browser - based on Chrome built only with privacy!
Epic Browser - based on Chrome only installed with privacy!

Advantages of the Epic Browser for privacy:

11 potential risks have been deactivated!

Address lines and URL tracking has been disabled

  • No address lines suggestions (requested by Google or other search engines)
  • No URL checks
  • Automatic translations are disabled
  • Page History has been disabled

Installation monitoring has been disabled

  • The version numbers and unique identifiers have been removed
  • RLZ tracking number has been removed
  • The standard update process has been removed
  • The date of installation has been removed

Error reporting monitoring has been disabled

  • No alternative error messages from Google anymore
  • No more navigation errors or navigation suggestions
  • No bug reports sent to Google anymore

The privacy settings are always “maximum”!

  •  No history recording
  •  No web cache (memory)
  •  No DNS pre-fetching
  •  No record of DNS queries
  •  No third party cookies
  •  No rouge extensions
  •  No spell checking
  •  No automatic fill-in help
  •  No password storage
  •  No synchronization with Google Accounts
  •  No automated website suggestions
  •  No automatic search suggestions
  •  No alternative error pages by Google or others

PROXY for disguising your own IP

The EpicBrowser also has an easy way to connect directly to a proxy server and hide its own IP address!

Advanced and extensive advertising and identification tracker blocking

Epic includes a built-in hedge against daily thousands of tracking codes, tracking cookies and other tracking tools available on almost all websites on the Internet. This makes it possible to block advertising networks or other mechanisms that want to explore your identity and your preferences and interests.

Support in filling out forms or search masks is only given locally on your device and these data do not leave this anymore.

Epicbrowser itself does not collect data from you or transmit them to others, unlike most of the extensions that you can install for Firefox or Chrome, Epicbrowser also refrain from sending or saving data from you.

Referer data is not transmitted

Unlike other browsers suppressed Epicbrowser the transmission of the data which page was viewed prior to the call of the current page.

Created on:10/12/2016

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