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HideMyAss VPN as a double agent
HideMyAss VPN as a double agent

The VPN Service "Hide-My-Ass VPN"Is certainly known to many readers. I have known the service since 2008 and I have to say it was always an attractive website and many promises made there. The software was relatively understandable and the choice of VPN Servers worldwide has expanded massively, especially in the last two years. There was a peak about a year ago VPNServers in 210 countries, however, there were only 193 recognized states worldwide. In short, a reason to take a closer look.

Found posts like this one: HideMyAss "Sells" Lulzec member to police make the rounds on the Internet and there are plenty of examples that HMA deals with the data of customers rather than goods there are many. Self-Privacy Activists have been reported to authorities and cooperation with the NSA and GHCQ may be considered evidential.

Of course, one can now explain that the persons delivered were always also hackers, so they were up to no good. But this does not justify that one hundred thousand other users of the service are also being monitored. And there were also data transfers to authorities only because of low copyright infringements. As long as it serves US or corporate interests, is it OK to override the privacy of hundreds of thousands? So from my point of view this is for a service of even "anonymity" speaks impossible. Ethical as well as moral one should therefore provide for education.

Clear, HideMyAss or rather the operator company Privax Ltd. formerly in the US and now with UK corporate headquarters are committed to local laws.

Update: The company has now been resold to AVIRA, a company also based in the US and Germany. According to my contacts, company integration has already left far-reaching traces and many long-standing employees are looking for a new job.

As a user from Germany, therefore, one has to expect no protection whatsoever from his own data, because espionage against "foreigners" has almost become a liability for all authorities in the UK. Justified with absurd references to formerly "child molesters" to whom the craft must be laid, today it is terrorism prevention or whatever. But the fact is that every user of the now HideMyAss VPN Uses all of its rights to the personal data it transmits, and assigns to British intelligence agencies and agencies. Without control and without further possibilities for stress!

Why we should not take anonymity lightly.

European Human Rights Commission
Article 8 - Right to respect for private and family life

- Every person has the right to respect for their private and family life, their home and their correspondence.
- An authority may intervene in the exercise of this right only insofar as the interference is required by law and necessary in a democratic society for national or public security, for the economic well-being of the country, for the maintenance of order, for the prevention of crime, for protection health or morality or to protect the rights and freedoms of others.

But this is no longer true within the states and not at all when it comes to foreigners. It seems so.

Anonymity or the ability to keep his most personal data secret is one of the essential cornerstones of modern democracies, as is freedom of expression.

Who renounces his right to "anonymity" because he does "no harm", should consider whether he would renounce the right to freedom of expression, just because he currently has nothing to say or criticize?

Of course this should not lead to criminal data is clear. But still it is not justified to abolish the privacy of millions to convict a few criminals. Those who count as criminals, we also see the developments in Turkey or Poland, can change quickly. His personal data can then no longer be undone.

HideMyAss is part of the surveillance system that violates our rights worldwide. At least that's my opinion. This is particularly dramatic because the provider is completely different.

Who wants to be effective shooter should therefore quickly consider whether he may not give more privacy by using HMA than he actually wanted to win. A change to a provider who clearly and emphatically opposes the abolition of anonymity as a human right is therefore advisable.

Thankfully, there are already many examples of this. Anyone who has any questions about this can also discuss it with me in the live chat!

Created on:05/03/2017

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