Why platforms like “Telegram” will be the future

Censorship led to the death of the stubborn

Censorship has existed for hundreds of years. What used to be the ban on saying wrong things has now become the mainstream dominance at a time when TV has become the most important medium. This phase lasted for many years, during which the opinion of the rulers reached large parts of the population through the moving pictures of TV and were perceived to be true. That this of course only always represented a point of view was not clear to many. Because even on TV there was talk of freedom of expression and the values ​​that would connect viewers and supposedly those in power. It was overlooked that these media were also misused for purposes and thus fears of unknown people were fueled.

The network of hope

Through the internet, many hoped that access to other opinions would finally be made possible, in the early days of the internet this was mostly practiced, of course also with the downsides of this uncontrolled opinion-forming that has now been made possible. Since YouTube, the audience for self-produced content has increased significantly again. However, for some years now we have also seen a trend reversal that has been initiated. The media such as newspapers and TV stations that have been left behind by the development of the Internet have now teamed up and are spreading conscious fear of these uncontrollable media. In doing so, “foreign powers” ​​such as Russia can exert influence or simply set up radical stigmata, which individual protagonists are put on as soon as they no longer follow the control of the rulers' opinion. Former politicians or well-known people suddenly become conspiracy theorists, anti-Semites or become “COVID deniers”. It would be naive to assume that this would happen unplanned.

YouTube censorship coordinated with politics

YouTube blocks hundreds of channels and thousands of videos every week for violating the self-defined and executed rules. The fact that these are often used in concert, for example hundreds of German channels are blocked a few days before a new Lockdon announcement, is only noticeable for the viewer who walks through life with open eyes. Clearly with the subsequent announcement of the lockdown by politicians, there were significantly fewer alternative or oppositional opinions, and these no longer took place in the mainstream media. A rogue who would mutate here into a conspiracy theorist.

YouTube, like other media already controlled by the mainstream, has degenerated into a medium that teaches “make-up tips” and this will continue to focus more and more on content based on uncritical opinions. With wise foresight, media such as Telegram are already being dismissed as “means of terrorists and weirdos”, of course as long as content can be found there that does not correspond to the mainstream. As soon as this content leads to unpleasant opponents such as the Belarusian President, it is a sign of freedom and human rights.

Wikipedia content under control

The supposed encyclopedia “Wikipedia” has long since formed opinion. Cooperation with the TV stations should ensure that on the one hand there is no doubt about the content on Wikipedia and on the other hand the content there corresponds to the opinions of the media.

In short, the popular mass media that became available through the Internet, some of which were previously established opinion makers, have already been brought under control to such an extent that opinions can be controlled again.

As always, the majority of users will hardly notice this. Just as there was actually no alternative to TV stations and established newspapers in the 80s, and one created one's own view of the world from it, just as the mass media in the Internet age are already permeated by the market leader's “conformity of opinion”. With the difference that these can no longer only be defined “nationally”, but represent private companies with their own interests. This also made the opinion machine “Monetizable”.

But that's not true ...

Many readers will now have the objection that this description does not correspond to the FACTS, because there is a free variety of opinion, it is not curtailed anywhere. However, “extremists” should be kept in check. I can really only say that these readers follow the mainstream and therefore simply adopted its opinion without being asked. If you want to take part in a discussion here, you should first know the other opinions before you give in to the prevailing opinion. Because many alternative publishers have been reporting for months about the incessant restrictions they are exposed to. There is no list of the channels that have been switched off or suppressed, but with just a little effort one can very quickly find appropriate examples for each area.

I don't have to be of your OPINION, but I give my life so that you can continue to spread it.

Applied to the media, however, this means skilfully “shedding light” on other opinions by manipulating their actions. The Tagesschau & Co represent opinions and not report neutrally on news that show dozens of examples from the past few years. There is a mention of those who think differently, but in the context of the stigmata already indicated.

VPNTESTER Telegram channel
VPNTESTER Telegram channel

Telegram as a media substitute

But now we come to the ways and means that will establish themselves in the future or are already used to still be able to express your own opinion. This also includes “Telegram”. But many are still not aware that this is not just a messenger that was created as an alternative to Whatsapp. Telegram has channels, groups, and even video content that can currently be published uncensored. In some countries with particularly drastic censorship measures, Telegram has already become the preferred alternative to the public media, and this trend is already affecting Germany, Austria and the USA.

If the media will again describe that Telegram is a means of the terrorists, then it should be countered that terrorists will wreak havoc on many other platforms as well, but to condemn the whole platforms would be a disproportionate means. Should we ban YouTube because it also publishes liberal thoughts or misinformation about capitalism? Should we block TV channels if they expose the corruption of the rulers? There are also attempts to influence or block TV channels in Germany, because here, too, dozens of TV channels have already been banned by the authorities or under pressure from politicians. Or did this already happen in 1938?

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