Breaking Bad continuation among others: So exciting is the Surfshark Netflix Autumn!

When it gets cold outside, cuddly streaming days in front of the TV are all the more interesting. So that you do not get bored, some Netflix lure new releases. And the worries are guaranteed for excitement! The only prerequisite, so that it works everywhere with the series marathon, is the efficient Surfshark Netflix station wagon. That simply prunes any geographic locks!

Surfshark Netflix fall? What is that supposed to be? Quite simple: To be able to use the Netflix new releases really anytime and anywhere without restrictions, is VPN Newcomer Surfshark one of the few providers that make this possible. Because meanwhile Netflix (and also Amazon video, Sky, DAZN etc.) is so smart, IP addresses of VPNRecognize providers.
Surfshark Netflix Movie Time

Surfshark Netflix: Ideal combination for cozy sofa evenings

If you want to see the German Netflix abroad, for example, you are unlucky and will - despite VPN Server in Germany - blocked. The same applies vice versa: If you want to see the US Netflix in Germany, you have despite VPN mostly bad luck. Unless you use Surfshark, This provider is not yet recognized by most video streamers.

But now for the most important: Which Netflix new releases expect you as
German series and film fan? Here is our list of top hits in autumn:


Recent Netflix releases in the fall

The Road

First and foremost, the (eagerly awaited) Breaking Bad sequel. El Camino continues the story of former drug dealer Jesse Pink. This time, however, as a movie, not with new series episodes. But one thing is for sure: it is guaranteed to be exciting again. Especially interesting: Will we see a comeback of Walter White or is he dead? If that's what you want to know, start with 11. October with yours Surfshark Netflix wagon through!

The Walking Dead Season 9

Since 9. October, the gruesome zombies are about to go again: matching the foggy gray-in-gray you can find yourself at the 9. Season of "The Walking Dead" a little bit scary. Because horror is waiting for you and yours Surfshark Netflix Power - the survivors are confronted with a new adversary. The Whisperers ...

The Crown Season 3

Royal would be for you, your living room and that Surfshark Netflix Duo - with the 3. Season of The Crown from 17. November. This time Queen Elizabeth is first played by Olivia Coleman, and Prince Charles is also there. Because it starts in the 60er years of the monarchy!

BoJack Horseman Season 6

Even comedy fans will get their money's worth with the Netflix releases in the fall: horse man BoJack comes from 25. October back - one last time. Because season 6 will be the last. The second part of the episodes will be broadcasted in January 2020. So if you need something to laugh, put yours Surfshark Netflix ready!

Riverdale Season 4

Strong nerves need all Riverdale fans in Surfshark Netflix fever: As usual, Season 4 is shown only once a week episode per episode - and of course it is again very mysterious in the village of Riverdale ... The cliffhanger from the final of the last season has indeed fueled the curiosity for the new episodes. Sad Downer: Filmfather Luke Perry will not be there anymore, he passed away in March and will be adopted at the beginning of the new season.

We wish you a lot of fun Surfshark Netflix & the new Netflix releases!

Created on:10/09/2019

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