Snowden uncovers false “encrypted email” from an IS video

The terrorist organization “IS” had threatened to carry out further attacks in the embassy

The terrorist organization "Islamic State" (IS) has made new threats to Europe in a new video. The media arm of the movement, Al-Hayat, is supposed to be behind the creation of the message, which threatens further attacks like in Paris. The clip entitled “Kill her wherever you can find her” also includes a short section at the beginning, which apparently shows a PGP-encrypted email. The job has triggered wild speculation.

The tabloid “Mirror” even headlined that it could be a sign of the next attack.

Premature excitement

But the excitement is unjustified, the NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden appeased on Twitter. He took a closer look at an excerpt from the video and points out strange things. The date of generation of the RSA key is three days after the dissolution of the message, which is said to have been sent immediately before the attacks on November 13th. For this purpose, a base 16 value is used as the ID of the master key, which is fictitious. Because it contains an “O” and an “H”, although the hexadecimal number system only knows digits from 0 to F. "It turns out that IS can't even fake cryptography properly," Snowden comments, amused by the find.

Source: The independend

He advises journalists to keep a firm eye on interlocutors from government agencies to appeal to the video. First and foremost, he may well be a representative of security agencies. Next round of crypto-debate Both FBI and NSA officials have repeatedly criticized the increasing use of encryption of communications and data traffic, including the need for backdoors for investigation purposes. A demand that encounters strong opposition from crypto experts and many IT companies. Snowden himself is also considered a proponent of comprehensive encryption. In his assumption, IS's crypto-fake indicates that the terrorists consider any restrictions on strong encryption in the West to be their own advantage.

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Created on:01/26/2016

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