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The latest update from Gmail, Google has spared no effort and really come up with a lot. Since the end of April, 1,4 billion users of the mail service have not just opted for a clean design. No, even at new functions was not saved. With the "important" update, Google promises "safer, faster and more efficient work." And indeed, there are really some exciting innovations that significantly increase both security and usability, as well as user comfort.

Artificial intelligence thinks for you

As you look around, one thing is clear: these days, almost nothing works without artificial intelligence. Alexa & Co are already quasi the good sound and the basic equipment of smartphones, services, heaters etc. Clearly so that Google would like to get involved - and does the redesigned Gmail with various features. You forgot to read an important mail in your inbox? No problem: Gmail reminds you several times from now on (supposedly without being "too annoying") and ensures with "Nuding" that "nothing is lost", according to Google. In addition, the "Smart Reply" feature helps you to write answers by offering you (hopefully meaningful) suggestions.

What we also like is the automatic unsubscribe from newsletter. How often do we stumble across the same newsletters, which do not interest us and we delete immediately. Of course, logging out is usually too tedious for us ... The GI of Gmail recognizes the lack of interest and lets you cancel the subscription by clicking.

Emails that destroy themselves

Mission Impossible sends greetings (though not quite as dramatically staged): The new "confidential mode" provides sensitive E-Maisl with an expiration date. You can decide yourself when the message will delete itself. Instead of an e-mail, the recipients will only receive a link (except for other Gmail users), which also allows them to call back e-mails. Also a nice extra for confidential mails is its own protection function by means of IRM controls (Information Rights Management), with which you can prevent the recipient from forwarding, downloading or printing your e-mail at the push of a button. Although not immediately, but in the next few weeks there will be another security improvement: Then you can activate a two-factor authentication via SMS code for your emails.

Easier to memorize and understand

Google has placed great importance on the safety of its users in the new update. For example, warnings about suspicious emails (malware, pishing) are shown extra large. You can not miss the gigantic red clues. If someone does not get along well on these important issues, it's easier for them as well: the clues are now written in simpler language and clearly and understandably tell what to do.


The new mail is important, but not right now? But do not you want to forget about it? No problem for Gmail. Like other mail services, Google has now introduced a snooze feature. You can provide emails with an individual deadline, until then they will be put away, and then automatically return to your field of vision. This new function is interesting for example for flight bookings, if they are still far off.

Revised material design

Of course, the graphic redesign in the clear material design of Gmail comes to mind: New sidebars make it easier for you to access and also work with notes, tasks, calendar entries and other add-ons. There is now also a separate app for iOS and Android. Online is one thing, but even offline, Google has come up with something: If you want to mails of the last 90 days are stored locally and can be edited accordingly in the internetless Flieger & Co.

Quite a lot of news. Now Gmail only has to keep its promise of "safer, faster and more efficient" work in the reality test. We are curious!

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Created on:05/03/2018

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