Protests over new surveillance laws in Poland

(Warsaw, January 23, 2016) Thousands of Poles have taken to the streets again in the past few days to protest. The reason are the laws planned by the Polish government which should enable extensive surveillance of all citizens. This change in the law is in line with the US demands of June 2014 to legalize the surveillance activities of the NSA in European countries. This is followed by, as in Austria in the new “State Protection Act”, the disclosure to foreign secret services or data exchange with them is expressly permitted. The whole thing should lead away from individual monitoring by judicial control to an automated way.

Poland demonstrates against surveillance state.
Poland demonstrates against surveillance state.

Thousands of Poles have again taken to the streets in many cities, fearing freedom of expression and organizing opportunities for protests. In the planned law, over which the Western media behave conspicuously calmly, as in other western states partially implemented foreign intelligence activities are addressed, thereby legalizing their activities under the guise of terror cooperation led by the United States. That there are of course no control mechanisms is clear!

Most EU countries have committed themselves in the middle of 2014 to the united fight against terror under the leadership of the USA. One of the main demands at that time was to transfer the activities of US intelligence agencies to the European Union. Legalize states!

The EU Commission allegedly examines the extent to which the planned new legislation is compatible with European standards. This is now trying to blame the new Conservative government, this bill was already 2013 prepared by the then Prime Minister Donald Tusk and to date almost 1: 1 has remained unchanged. This information is widely known and therefore also a further indication of the real intentions of the EU Commission and also the local politicians in the EU states.

Our privacy is in danger

The protesters shouted “democracy” and waved banners against the proposed legislative changes for surveillance. The measures would increase government access to digital data and allow police to be more closely monitored.
“We want our democracy and freedom to be preserved,” said one of the organizers.
"Our privacy, our intimacy is threatened, we should be monitored online in our homes," Mateusz Kijowski, head of the Committee for the Defense of Democracy, told the demonstrators. A banner in Warsaw read: “You should hear, not listen”

The protesters (about 10.000) in Warsaw marched to the presidential palace
“Europe, we apologize for you”, these posters could also be seen in Warsaw. Another sign said "Happy New Year 1984", an obvious reference to the authoritarian state in George Orwell's novel 1984. The crowd then gathered outside the office of Prime Minister Beata Szydlo in front of the palace of President Andrzej Duda.


What the crowd did not know: The EU will not help you, it also plans to legalize the activities of US intelligence agencies for the fight against terror!


BBC: Poland surveillance law plan angers protesters

Created on:02/05/2016

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