Popcorn Time: Operator of film piracy information site convicted

Popcorn Time has made a name for itself as “Netflix for Pirates”. The streaming app offers its users copyright-protected films for free Download and is very popular. Now, a 38-year-old has been convicted in Denmark for running a page with information about the Popcorn Time pirate app. He has confessed to being a criminal accomplice in violating the law of ordinary Popcorn Time users.

popcorn Time Creators went into battle against Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time started in 2014. The great success of the site resulted in numerous similar pirate apps that are still available on the Android and iOS platforms, but also on other end devices. But they all have one thing in common: They quickly attracted the attention of copyright owners such as film companies, etc. The goal of this was logically to minimize the availability and awareness of the popular pirate tool. Or even better: to eliminate it altogether.

On the other hand, Popcorn Time fans around the world worked against this suggestion. They made their own versions of the software and distributed them. Or they wrote guides and tutorials.

Arrest only due to information about usage & Download

Following a court order in June 2015, the Danish police arrested two men for running the two sites Popcorntime.dk and Popcorn-time.dk. Neither of the two linked to pirate content, however, but only offered instructions on how to use Popcorn Time and also downloaden can. In 2018, the operator of Popcorntime.dk received a conditional sentence of 6 months in prison. The court found that by distributing information about Popcorn Time he played a role in the software users' rights violations.

Appeal failed - site operator found guilty

The operator's lawyer appealed. But he also failed before the highest court and the accused had to serve his 6 months for involvement in copyright infringement. He also has to do 120 hours of social work and pay back $ 67,000 in advertising revenues.

After this development, the second operator - Popcorntime.dk - had little choice. According to the anti-piracy organization Rights Alliance, which was involved in both cases, the man pleaded guilty. And here, too, the court decided that the operator should pay an amount to the legal violations of the Popcorn Time user.

Second site operator punished milder

Rights Alliance reports that “from August 38 to August 2014, the 2015-year-old advised users on the website popcorn-time.dk and instructed them on how to use the illegal streaming service Popcorn Time and there downloaden can. Defendants also received approximately 10.000 kroner (US $ 1.565) in advertising revenue from Google for advertising on the site. "

Since the defendant pleaded guilty, he was sentenced to a conditional sentence of 20 days, and he also had to hand over the advertising revenue to the court. The operator also had to give up the domain name popcorn-time.dk.

According to the Rights Alliance, the difference between the two judgments is due to the fact that the Popcorntime.dk platform was more detailed and made more advertising profit. Also, courts tend not to treat defendants who plead guilty quite as harshly as those found guilty in a trial.

Is streaming via Popcorn Time also illegal?

So you see apps like Popcorn Time or streaming platforms like box or kinox.to harbor some dangers. Even if you “only” distribute instructions. And streaming via such offers is not without risk! Here warnings can threaten if it is clear that the user must be aware that he is acting illegally. So if you stream a movie, for example.

Popcorn Time FAQ

What is Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time is a very well-known and popular app that allows you to stream movies and series for free.

Is Popcorn Time illegal to use?

Streaming copyrighted content can be illegal. If you as a user should be aware that the content CANNOT be free (e.g. a new movie) then streaming is clearly illegal.

Can I receive warnings at Popcorn Time?

If you stream illegal content and get “caught” you can receive a warning. The prerequisite is of course that your identity must be determined for this.

Are there alternatives to Popcorn Time?

Popcorn Time has many fans - and many imitators, for example: Rox Player, Showbox, Streemio, 6-YiFy TV or Couch Potatoe ..

Created on:10/08/2020

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