PIA announces "Private Internet Access" VPNLocations on

The VPNUS provider "PIA - Private Internet Access" has once again given in to pressure US authorities and the German VPNPlaces abandoned.

This amazed the last few days many of my readers, but can be justified with a few facts.

In your forum post PIA speaks of a court title that has meant that they had to take the German server from the network. (See forum entry PIA). However, this seems to be only part of the overall story, as previous PIA measures in the past have shown, the provider of authorities is easily blackmailed.

US-based VPNProviders must fully assist in monitoring the Internet, according to local laws.

The fact that "civil law claims of copyright companies" represent criminal data and that they are punished and persecuted like this worldwide, leaves the pressure on them VPNProviders are growing rapidly.

If PrivateInternetAccess had not acted this time, it would have lost all payment methods such as PayPal, credit cards and other US-dominated payment options.

This would be the immediate economic collapse of the company. If it were to pass on data of its own users to the extent desired, this would also lead to the immediate loss of trust of the users. So you had the choice between "Kollera and the plague". In this sense, it has been decided, the German VPNJust close the server to avoid further inquiries and suspected copyright infringement.

PIA refuses to deny the cooperation!

However, this case also shows that PIA will almost certainly work with the US authorities in other areas where there is no such easy solution. Since the company refuses for years to make a statement on the scope and nature of the cooperation or at least, as others do, in the form of a "guarantee statement" will also be related to the possible claims for damages of the user because of "false information".

PIA - Private Internet Access is in any case no more than "safe from US authority access" classify.

The US authorities at PIA have also been hiring in the past VPN-Locations in Russia were probably already clear to many. So far, only by “calamizing” the facts and using the usual well-known clichés about “protection of data security” freedom of expression etc. has PIA not had to admit the cooperation or the pressure of the US authorities.

Created on:06/13/2017

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