OVPNs victory in court is a victory for privacy!

OVPN wins court battle OVPN was charged in court

In spring 2020, two Swedish film companies, represented by “The Rights Alliance”, took legal action against the BitTorrent exchange “The Pirate Bay”. At first it was believed that the IP addresses belonged to the ISP Obnetwork. They asked for more information about the addresses, but Obenetwerk was able to quickly prove that it was not their IP addresses. They turned the tables and blamed him VPN- Provider OVPN. He was forced to share his user activities, but OVPN couldn't comment on it.

Checked by experts: OVPN does not save logs!

The provider was unable to make a statement in court because, according to its own information, it does not store any user activities. Of course, the court had this checked by experts. However, these could not find a weak point anywhere and thus no user activities. OVPN was able to prove more than clearly that he does not save any logs. In the end it was not possible to determine who the operators of “The Pirate Bay” are. Still, it's a win for O.VPN and also a victory for customer privacy. The film companies have to bear the costs of the process.

OVPN does not need to adhere to data retention guidelines as it is not an internet provider

In principle, Internet providers have to pay for their own legal process if they do not want to give away their customers' data. But that is the case with the Swedish VPN-Sellers slightly different. According to the court, you are not seen as an internet service provider and therefore do not have to adhere to the data retention laws. This negotiation set the precedent for the obligation to collect data VPN-Services in Sweden.

Here is the judicial document proving that OVPN does not save logs:

OVPN Victory in court

Translated, this means that the Rights Aliance and its experts do not have any weaknesses in OVPN and thus have no evidence that logs are being stored. Because of this, O winsVPN the trial as the evidence relating to the vendor's no-logs policy has not been disproved. In addition, the Swedish film companies have to pay the costs of OVPN carry. This is around SEK 108.000 (about $ 12.300).


David Widbergh remains true to his goal

The owner of OVPN, David Widbergh, is proud of his product. His vision is to protect people from hackers and avoid surveillance. That's him with OVPN more than successful, because not even a major lawsuit changes the security of its customers. He cannot give out any data because it doesn't even exist. Therefore we can only praise O once againVPN pronounce. He's one of the few now VPN-Providers who have judicial evidence that the no-logs policy information is correct and that no logs are stored. Now is OVPN not just the fastest VPN on the market but also one of the safest VPN for the anonymity of its users.

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OVPNs victory in court is a victory for privacy! 1th

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Created on:09/25/2020

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