Austria: State Protection Act adopted. Next step: constitutional complaint


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the 27. January 2016 will go down in history as a dark day for Austrian civil rights. The Police State Security Act was passed with the votes of the governing parties in the National Council. In spite of minor last-minute repairs, the law passed is, in our view, a big mistake and a massive encroachment on our fundamental rights. We will also express our concerns by bringing an action before the Constitutional Court.

30.078 people have ours Petition against the establishment of a domestic intelligence service in Austria signed. They have signed their names in a long line of people and institutions that have criticized this law because of its massive oversight powers and lack of control over the new state protection agency.

Vote analysis in detail
When the state protection law in the National Council was discussed and decided, we were present with three cameras. In the discussion, Minister of the Interior Mikl-Leitner and representatives of the coalition parties have again swept away the serious points of criticism. They unanimously said that the law was balanced and compatible with constitutionally guaranteed rights. But they have no evidence to prove it. The following vote went out with 91 to 59 votes for the law. Although we have repeatedly heard in the run-up that there are significant concerns within the SPÖ, ultimately the club enforced enforced.

You can find our video documentation of the voting here:

Until recently, we tried to talk the honorable Member into conscience and gave the people the tools to contact their representatives. According to the constitution, the deputies are only obliged to their conscience. In order not to forget the personal responsibility of the mandataries, we have on recorded their voting behavior.

Handover of 30.078 signatures in parliament
On the 27. January 2016 we have the signatures to parliamentary director Handed over to Harald Dossi. The demands it contained were transmitted to parliamentary clubs in plenary before the discussion on the state protection law began.

TV contribution from the handover:

More pictures: @ N03 / albums /72157664164775235

Next step: constitutional complaint
Some media have already reported: We are preparing a lawsuit before the Constitutional Court to return the state protection law to the start. But we can only do that after its entry into force at the 1. July 2016 do.

Thank you for your support!
We have received a lot of support in the past few months. Without your help, it would not have been possible to prevent the passing of the state protection law several times. Together, we have implemented many improvements that have at least alleviated the first draft, even if the repairs from our point of view are far from sufficient. At any rate, our work is not over. We will not accept what is in the parliamentary correspondence: "Now the National Council has drawn a line under the debate". We will make sure she continues.

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