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Hello, as I have many contacts in the VPN I wanted to interview a provider for you today: Perfect-Privacy! Have fun while reading. (Interview from 03.02.2016, via live chat)

Hello, thanks for the opportunity to conduct an interview. We are also in turbulent times and therefore I am particularly pleased to hear your opinion.

Perfect-Privacy is committed to privacy. Since when?

Perfect Privacy exists since 2008; Since then we have been advocating for the
Privacy and anonymity of our users. Seen from the beginning
We consider the safety of our users as the highest priority. thats why
our infrastructure designed so that neither traffic nor
IP addresses are logged - all services run exclusively
RAM disks. For the past eight years we have been continuously
our server park and functionality further expanded.


The media has always reported that "encryption" helps terror and should therefore be banned. What do you think?

As already proven several times, this statement is based on no
Facts. In none of the past terrorist attacks played
Encryption matters. In addition, have secret services and
Investigative agencies use completely different methods to identify offenders
even if encryption is used.

We consider encryption a fundamental right of every human being; there is
many perfectly legitimate occasions, to his sensitive dataset too
protect. For example, you want family affairs
normally keep to themselves. Finally there is one
Brief secrecy, the same should be synonymous for communication on the Internet
be valid.


Can you rule out your customers doing illegal things through your network?

No. Since we do not store user activities or IP addresses,
We also do not know what our users are doing.
However, according to our Terms of Use, the abuse of our
Service for illegal activities prohibited. S

From time to time we receive reports of attempted attacks
Server or similar, but based on the amount we can estimate,
that the vast majority of our users have no such problems


But is not it the case that one gets automatically involved in a conflict of conscience?

For us, there is no conflict. As mentioned before we stop
Encryption and a right to privacy for a fundamental right and
we provide the technology and infrastructure to do this
guarantee. Like any technology, this can be good and bad
Things are used. The vast majority of our users has
a bad feeling getting data unencrypted through the net
Send. That's why many people basically want to communicate
protect prying eyes.


You have specified Switzerland as the company location, and the settlement takes place via Panama? Why did you choose that?

The company is based in Switzerland - also for billing purposes.
Only the technical implementation (operation of the server) is over
realized the location Panama.


Copyright is, if you believe the media gives a kick, yes, of "criminal" users around the world. Are your servers also used for file sharing?

Yes, we allow file sharing on our infrastructure.
Filesharing protocols like BitTorrent are an important part of the
Internet. We do not assume that file sharing protocols
be used exclusively for copyright infringement - also
if that is undeniably a significant part. In the sense of the
We do not want protocols in principle to be net neutral


Can you permanently escape the pressure of copyright lawyers?

So far we have no problems with that. Almost all inquiries
in this regard, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is floundering
is effective only in the US and therefore does not matter to us.


What happens if one VPNLocation would be unbeatable due to your attitude?

In that case we would stop the site. Already
We respond to such problems with various measures: So are up
the US servers blocked the popular torrent trackers because us at
DMCA violations very quickly the server is terminated.


In contrast to other providers, at first glance, it seems very high priced. Why is this?

We see ourselves as a premium service provider offering a high quality service with features that other vendors lack: to ensure greater security, stability and bandwidth, we use only full-featured (dedicated) servers - many VPNInstead, providers typically use VPS systems that share server resources with other VPS instances. In addition, we allow an unlimited number of concurrent connections, enforce no traffic limits, provide cascaded connections across multiple servers, port forwarding, and more. We reinvest a substantial portion of our revenues in the care and security of our infrastructure; Our servers are maintained around the clock and are thus immediately updated and secured even with emerging security vulnerabilities. And of course we are constantly investing in additional servers in existing and new locations.

The average price for VPNAccess has dropped sharply in recent years. That's because since the Snowden revelations, dozens or even hundreds of new ones VPNProviders were created. Many of them settled in the lower price segment in order to win over most customers. Instead, we prefer to focus on a safe and reliable service.

Maintaining premium servers is a bit more expensive, but our users are happy to pay a slightly higher price for better quality, security and stability.


Is not it possible to offer a secure service at very low cost?

Surely this is possible but it is about much more than
that: In addition to security you want to be reliable as a user
Server, high bandwidth, no restrictions on traffic and
good, fast support. All of this must be paid for and
reflected in the price again.

William Bonney, the former technical director of the NSA, has made it clear in an interview recently held that he assumes that every PC and every device has already been compromised or at least monitored from the front door. What do you think about that?

I suppose you are referring to this:

- where Bonney answered questions from readers)
> There he said "The NSA monitors every electronic device".

Of course, we can not claim that statement to be true
check, but you should just assume that so
is. The question remains, what exactly is meant by “monitored”: That the
NSA not only meta but also content data from as good as
Listening to and listening to all communication has been sufficient since Snowden
known. But that is precisely why heavily encrypted traffic
all the more important because it ensures that content is hidden
stay. Established protocols like OpenVPN with correct configuration
Even today, they are considered sufficiently safe, so that the NSA
can not decrypt the data.

In practice, intelligence agencies have an almost unlimited choice
other ways to identify or listen to a goal.
A virtually unlimited budget and the best possible qualified
Staff can not stand an individual. That's why we say so too
explicitly that we do not protect our users from secret services
can. This requires much more than just the use of one VPN-Dienstes.


How does mass surveillance affect our society?

We honestly believe that it is too early to ask this question
answer. The majority of the western population - the mainstream
- is only slowly aware of the Snowden revelations
become, what extent the surveillance mania of states, authorities
and secret services.

We focus on the positive of this lesson: more and more
People become aware that their privacy is worth protecting
and that they can not trust the state to respect them.
The growing demand for anonymization services such as VPN-provider
shows that the population is actively resisting, supervised too
become. But how this situation develops on the whole is
currently hardly predictable. We will be with ours VPN-Service
to contribute a small part to the protection of privacy.


How does anonymity on the internet have something to do with "freedom"?

Anonymity is an aspect of freedom. There are good reasons to move anonymously on the internet. For example, if you are looking for help with psychological problems (self-help groups). But even with relatively trivial and everyday activities, there are good reasons to want to remain anonymous. Those who like to be active on Sociel media platforms often prefer a second account, which is anonymous: After all, there is a good chance that family members or the boss also has an eye on these media.


Do you use TOR yourself?

At Perfect Privacy we all use Tor, because of the technical aspects
are relevant to us. We also support Tor on our
Server structure, allowing Perfect Privacy users to .onion addresses
can access.

Whether we use Tor privately is another question ... and part of ours


Do many of your customers use the connection to the ONION network?

We can not say anything about that because we do not have any
Collect connection data.


Thank you for your time and the very interesting answers.

I will publish this interview immediately afterwards on my site and I am sure that many readers will get a better picture of you (Perfect-Privacy) can do! Thanks and I hope to see you again soon.

Created on:02/03/2016

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