Illegal streaming can have really expensive consequences

You keep reading about illegal streaming and expensive warnings, especially since the new ECJ ruling of 2017. Unfortunately, stories about expensive punishments are not just stories - they really happen. People like you and me too. For example, Munich's Luisa N., as a focus report tells.

Imagine this: Sitting on a rainy Saturday night with beer and chips in front of the TV and pulling on a streaming page the latest blockbuster in. Full of joy that you finally have time to couch surfing. The evening has long since fallen into oblivion again, as a lawyer fluttered into your mailbox: 1.000 Euro warning for illegal streaming! So happened Luisa N., who could not explain that at first.

Times just a movie streamed - or much more?

How can this be? The following happened: Luisa had 2016 visit from her Spanish friend Leila in the autumn. How to do the same with friends, Leila sleeps with Luisa and makes it comfortable at her home. And what about a cozy evening? Exactly, a good movie. Leila looks at "The Hateful 8", about Popcorn Time - a streaming site she thinks is quite normal. But that was not the case: Leila not only streams the movie, but unintentionally downloads it. And that is exactly what will make her or Luisa as the owner of the Internet connection a fatal disaster.

The use of illegal content is becoming increasingly popular, which is exactly why the authorities are becoming more and more precise on the subject. Exactly the same topic is also available with Usenext.

Internet service providers must publish data

915 Euro should pay them (700 Euro damages and 215 Euro Abmahnkosten) and sign a declaration of omission. So the lawyer who sends her a later warning. Luisa almost flinches, as she tells Focus in an interview. That we can well imagine ... Especially since the Germans always streaming on the safe side and has been using Amazon Prime Video and Netflix for years. You're probably wondering how lawyer Luisa got on the loose. That's not so difficult. The lawyer complained to the provider of the information in court and had to disclose the data of his Internet client, completely legal, the whole thing.

Cease and desist letter signed, payment down-negotiated

Luisa does not want to let it sit on her own and gets in touch with the lawyer, who acted on behalf of a Film GmbH. Explains that it was not her but her guest who - unknowingly - downloaded the film. After all, after a few discussions and also a personal meeting she can agree on 350 Euro, which according to the law firm is the pain threshold. She is also allowed to settle the amount in installments. In the meantime, Luisa has signed the declaration of discontinuance in a lofted form, but Leila is still fighting for a further reduction in the amount to be paid ...

What makes popcorn time illegal? (illegal streaming)

The main difference is that Popcorn Time is not a streaming service, but a file-sharing provider. Via torrent technology, you not only watch a movie, but also download it in the background onto your PC. Exactly that - file sharing - is prohibited and counts to illegal streaming.

You can find more about illegal streaming & warning here.

Created on:04/19/2018

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