US companies have no choice !: FBI demands the transfer of all data

Likewise, VPNProviders are affected!

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Above all, companies in the tech sector, such as mobile service providers, banks and universities, are affected. Also VPNVendors based in the US may be affected. Already before 2 years rumors circulated about requested information VPNProviders. The FBI requests the data using a “National Security Letter” - Individual FBI agents issue these letters. Court approval is not required and there is strict confidentiality for companies themselves. For this reason, it is not possible to say exactly which companies are affected. 

Since the 1980 years, the FBI has had to give reasons when it wants to have data from a company. Today, the Security Agency uses arguments such as control over terrorist activities. Almost all cases were justified.

What data does the FBI ask?

As mentioned in the title, the FBI requests information from all of the company's customers. This includes, for example, information such as locations, IP addresses, user names and everything that has been bought. The security agency collects this data as leverage to make people do what they ask of them. Likewise, in order to be able to fully monitor the population.

"This agency is illegal!" Said William Binney, NSA Whistleblower

With Decree 1233, the FBI is entitled to receive a huge amount of data from global fiber optic cables. William Binney speaks of "population control" here. This US security agency just wants to have ALL information about the world's population! Of which is also affected Europe.

Can I somehow protect myself?

In principle - no! You don't know exactly which companies have to disclose the data. Therefore, one should simply forego services from the United States. Although the information has already been passed on to the FBI, it is recommended that if you are not yet a customer of such companies, you should better refrain from doing so in the future!

In summary, the Federal Bureau of Investigation has access to data from around the world. You can't say exactly what the agency knows, but one thing is certain: the FBI simply collects everything!



Created on:10/01/2019

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