Facebook data scandal: Palantir and Cambridge Analytica together on illegal detours?

Whistleblower Christopher Wylie causes almost daily with his information on the gigantic Facebook data scandal for excitement. As we reported earlier, the former Cambridge Analytica employee unpacked a lot at a hearing in the British Parliament. Most recently, Wylie said that there was a lively exchange between Cambridge Analytica, surveillance group Palantir and right-wing politicians. And he also delivered a piquant detail for Great Britain. Because allegedly there were illegal cash flows in the Brexit campaign.

As stated by Wylie at his March hearing, Palantir is said to have helped Cambridge Analytica process the data from Facebook users. This data from more than 50 millions of users was deducted through an app by Cambridge Professor Aleksandr Kogan via Cambridge Analytica. However, the controversial surveillance group Palantir insists to the New York Times that there has been no cooperation, all at once. And in this case, the corporation knew nothing about it. According to Wylie, there were not any official contracts for the cooperation. Nonetheless, they diligently advised, "There were some Palantir employees who came to our office to work with the data," says Wylie. "And we went to Palantir and met with them."

Election victories by illegally extracted Facebook data?

The New York Times has documents to prove that Alfredas Chmieliauskas has been providing tips to Cambridge Analytica (including Wylie) as of 2013. The content of these tips was the extraction of Facebook data and its transformation into psychological profiles. Of course Cambridge Analytica did not collect these profiles for fun, but used them profitably - and very purposefully - in US presidential campaigns, including that of Donald Trump.

What is Palantir all about?

Palantir is not just "just" any company. The group is known for providing its services to the police and intelligence services. It is also significant throughout the story that Peter Thiel, founder of Palantir, is on the Facebook board and is a Trump fan. Coincidence? Or did Thiel know? In addition, billionaire Robert Mercer supported the project massively - his daughter as well as former Trump advisor and campaign leader Steve Bannon were both on the Cambridge Analytica board. On the other hand, Cambridge Analytica was very interested in the good Connections Palantirs in Silicon Valley.

Brexit as the beneficiary of illegal cash flows?

With so many interesting entanglements you really get into pondering ... The US election campaigns are one thing. But also in this country, Wylie unveiled unbelievable, specifically on the subject of Brexit: 2015 is said to have been active in Cambridge Analytica with Aggregate IQ from Canada in the Brexit campaign. To circumnavigate financing limits for political campaigns artificially, according to Wylie had flowed illegal money. Could this have been the extremely short pro-Brexit decision brought about? Wylie at least claims that ...

Even in Kenya, the election should not have been right

The United States and Britain in the crosshairs of the Facebook data scandal - and last but not least Kenya: last year there were also presidential elections held there, but were canceled. And now you can guess who 2013 and 2017 in the election campaign of President Uhuru Kenyatta has participated. Bingo! In fact, Cambridge Analytica once again had its fingers in the game. We say: No comment ...

And last but not least, another condolence for conspiracy theorists that goes way beyond fraud: Wylie pointed out in his hearing that his predecessor, Cambridge Analytica, Dan Mursean, 2012, died under bizarre circumstances. He was found dead after unsuccessful negotiations in his hotel room. In his hotel room in Kenya, mind you ...

Created on:04/04/2018

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