"Double Kill" attacks devices via Internet Explorer: patch now!

Are you an Internet Explorer fan? Not necessarily the best choice at the moment: The Microsoft browser lets malware into your device through a newly discovered security leak - with which hackers & Co can suck off your data or do completely different things. The good news is: Microsoft released a corresponding patch on May patchday.

Stay away from suspicious office documents!

If you are currently receiving an untrustworthy Office document, it's best to follow the motto: keep away! It could be "Double Kill", or the latest "Zero Day" gap. How does it work? Through the prepared Office document, or when you open this, Internet Explorer opens a page in the background. The malware is already lurking on this and making its way into your device so cheerfully. Clever as such attacks are, they also leverage the Windows protection mechanism. So no one gets to know what's going on.

All IE versions from version 6 affected

The weakness was discovered by the Chinese anti-virus manufacturer Qihoo 360, who also pointed out that it is already being used around the world. Currently, however, the hacker attacks are "only" aimed at targeted recipients, affected all IE versions from version 6, even the most recent. Either way, mindfulness is the best way to protect yourself. Because if you simply leave the prepared document on the left, "Double Kill" does not get caught.

Zero Day and 67 closed other vulnerabilities on Patchday

First of all, Microsoft did not comment specifically helpful. The group referred to Windows 10 and the edge browser, so that the users play it safe. In early May, the group then released an emergency patch for Zero Day CVE-2018-8174. This month's Patchday on the 8. May was "Double Kill" then generally topic. Besides 67 other security vulnerabilities this was also treated and closed by patch.

Source: Standard, BleepingComputer

Created on:05/14/2018

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