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Is Cambridge Analytica saying something else? Exactly, the data collector company has in the course of this year's Facebook data scandal in an ugly way in the limelight, as it allegedly sucked data from tens of millions of Facebook users and also used for dubious purposes. Now Cambridge Analytica has announced its bankruptcy. The investigation continues despite company out, as the British Data Protection Authority emphasizes: "We will also review any successor companies to ensure the safety of the public." So easy you can then just not pull out of the affair ...

Cambridge Analytica announced the end of May because, according to the "Wall Street Journal", it was suffering from severe customer losses and the legal costs in the course of the data scandal proceedings continued to rise: "Due to the wave of media reporting, practically all of our customers and suppliers have us Back turned, ”says the company, whose British parent company SCL Elections has also ceased operations.

Election manipulation through Facebook data?

Of course, no good news for the employees of Cambridge Analytica. However, it is not entirely innocent, as the coverage in the context of the Facebook data scandal suggests: Cambridge Analytica had through the survey app of a Cambridge professor and through the "friends" principle of Facebook access to millions of user data. If this is not a trivial offense, the data was allegedly used abusively - and also for political purposes. Cambridge executives have recently claimed that the data for the targeted voter approach was used in Donald Trump's presidential election campaign. The company itself denies this and also points to an independent investigation to confirm this.

Facebook itself has shaken the whole thing with a time delay: The group closed said interface already 2014. Nevertheless, it is currently in a serious crisis, as the scandal 84 million users or their data should be affected. Cambridge Analytica claimed to have received data from 30 millions of users.

Does the shutdown really mean the end for Cambridge?

According to NBC, Cambridge Analytica investor (and ardent Trump admirer and supporter) Rebekah Mercer and several of the company's top executives, including technology chief Alexander Tayler, have already salvaged another company called Emerdate before the scandal , Interestingly, this one is registered at the same New York address as the local Cambridge Analytica store. So just a new hat for an old business? Not unlikely, considering the recent developments.

Finally, a very important question for reflection for all of us: Cambridge Analytica has (under this name, at least) stopped its operation. But what happens to the data of the 30 million Facebook users that the company has received? We are curious if we will ever know that ...

Created on:05/04/2018

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