Black Friday 2020

Black Friday is the most popular day for shopaholics around the world. BlackFriday Sale is a huge November sale with big companies like Zalando, Samsung, Douglas, Amazon and more. That means anyone looking to save money can get exclusive discounts of between 20% and 70% (and up to 90%).

Black Friday Germany

Black Friday is gradually gaining momentum as a sales event in our country too. The sales volume is growing annually not only in retail and service, but also in online shops.

A large number of stores participate in online sales and their number on Black Friday Germany is constantly growing. So it's no problem to find Black Friday deals on the internet to get the best deal.

Black Friday 2020 is coming!

Black Friday 2020
Black Friday 2020

The offers are very different: furniture, appliances, clothing and even real estate. However, we, who are interested in your online safety, are tracking updates to the VPN Providers and offer discounts specifically for VPN-Services on.

Some providers don't wait for November 27th and have already started running Black Friday deals.

You can see the best Black Friday Deals 2020 here:

Best Black Friday Deals 2020: VPN-Services

Take Black Friday every year too VPN-Services part and allow the purchase of a subscription with a good discount. The discount can be valid for 3 years, 2 years, 1 year or on all tariffs.

Black Friday story

Black Friday, the traditional American post-Thanksgiving event, has a history. When did Friday turn black in the usual sense of the word?

For many years the term “Black Friday” meant the collapse of the gold market on September 24th, 1869. The term was used for other stock market crises on Wall Street in the years that followed.

“Black Friday” also stood for every Friday the 13th; in 1923 there were two of them. This is stated in the article by The Springfield Daily Leader, 1923, published in Springfield, Missouri.

In March 1970, a Pennsylvania store held a Black Friday sale referring to Friday, March 13th.

A 1995 article in the Standard Speaker newspaper stated that “nobody really knows” why Black Freiday is called that. It is quoted that shops close on that day when it is already dark.

When is Black Friday 2020?

Black Friday 2020 will take place on November 27th. Black Friday is always the end of November.

What do Black Week offers?

Some VPN-Offers during Black Friday 2020 last for several days. You can find them on this page.

Created on:11/20/2020

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