Old Facebook passwords are saved for 8 years!

Vienna's data protection process is currently underway Activist Max Schrems against Facebook. As part of the process, Facebook methods have also emerged that many users are not even aware of. This is how the company tags your photos and automatically categorizes them. In addition, old Facebook passwords are saved for at least 8 years! Facebook passwords are saved

You forget old Facebook passwords? Facebook not!

Actually very clear: Facebook remembers old Facebook passwords. Because if you accidentally try to enter an old one instead of your current password, Facebook will tell you that it is just an old one. The service can of course only know this because it keeps the old passwords. And not exactly short, but at least eight years or more. You don't care about old passwords? It is really not so. Because you have absolutely no chance to delete them. In the event of a leak, these old passwords could also fall into the wrong hands. Because if you still use an old Facebook password on another account, cybercriminals could take advantage of this.

Automatic categorization of photos

In addition to this thing with Facebook passwords, the company also categorizes every single photo that you upload to Facebook itself, but also to Instagram or WhatsApp. While this practice is not new, it is not necessarily data-friendly. The category assigned by an AI is used to create an alternative text that, for example, is told to blind people by screen readers. You can change such texts yourself.

Data continues to be collected massively

Facebook's business model is based on trading your data and passing it on to third parties for advertising purposes. to sell. For this Data collection and transfer Facebook has always been heavily criticized. Other websites also support Facebook and forward user data to the company. You can now see who shares your data with Facebook and also delete any connection to your profile. What sounds better is for consumer protectors like Stiftung Warentest but no real improvement in data protection. She does not see the "collective rage of the company" contained. However, "the data is no longer linked to the user's Facebook profile, but is only used in an anonymous form."

So basically everything is the same: Facebook wants your data - and the company doesn't keep it to itself! You should always be aware of this when using services such as Facebook, but also WhatsApp and Instagram!

Created on:02/24/2020

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