How to earn free VPN your money?

It actually sounds great, something free VPN promise: protection and security through one VPN - and not pay a cent for it. But can this auspicious offer of free VPNs actually true? Because just like any other company, a VPN-Providers basically earn money. We'll tell you which method behind many free VPN plugged. First of all: you will not be exactly thrilled ...

Gift free VPN?
Are free VPN actually a gift to the user?

Free or paid? How to make the right decision!

The VPN is a good thing: The so-called "Virtual Private Network" protects your identity and your data on the Internet by obscuring your IP address and encrypting the data you send and receive. There are very good paid providers like VyprVPN, NordVPN or Surfshark - but also free VPN. So that you can make your decision between a free VPN and a numberVPN Objectively, it is important that you understand the free business practices VPN Be in the know (although there are always exceptions to the rule).

Limitations & restrictions

Lots of free VPN Solutions are actually "freemium" software. That means that you're compared to paid VPNs have very reduced functions and options. Usually you have fewer servers to choose from, a lower bandwidth or speed and limited data transfer. ProtonVPN For example, it offers a free version of its (very good) service that is currently almost the best on the market, but this is limited to a few servers and throttles the speed. However, the amount of data is not limited!

FREE VPN know that speed, server selection and data transfer are the essential requirements of users VPN are - that's why they limit precisely these areas.

Record your activities and sell your data

Limitations are the one thing you have to come to terms with. BUT when it comes to privacy, the fun stops. Because what do you expect from you VPN? Right: security and anonymity. Lots of free VPN however, they use tracking technologies such as cookies and in some cases even sell their customers' online activities and personal information such as email addresses etc. to third-party providers or advertisers. When you get a free VPN always read the privacy policy very carefully before installing it!

Before surveillance you are with a free one VPN not sure

Even if the provider of the free VPN If he has the best of intentions, he usually cannot withstand government authorities - nationally and internationally - and is more likely to pass on data when requests for information. A paid one VPN however, the fees can be used to really back up data or not to record it in the first place.

Using your computer as an exit node for paying users

With a standardVPN you get after connecting with the VPN Server a new IP address so your online activities are both private and secure. Some VPN-Providers use the computers for free VPN-Users as exit nodes and route internet traffic through your personal connection! As a result, your ISP (and every other observer ...) sees someone else's traffic as if it were your own traffic!

What's the problem with that? It's simple: not everyone uses one VPN for legal reasons. If you don't want your name and ISP account associated with illegal online activity, you should get a free one VPN prefer to refrain.

Intrusive advertising included

Advertising plays at gratis VPNIts role is twofold: of course, the main goal is to show you a product or service in the hope that you will buy it. Presenting advertisements to third parties is one of the ways how free VPN Make money.

FREE VPN but are also known for making advertising really intrusive and unavoidable, so that users can use the paid version of the VPNs buy. Accordingly, advertisements often cannot be closed or have to be viewed to the end before the VPN can be opened. Well, this is not the end of the world. But if you consider that e.g. Surfshark VPN comes with all features to about 2 dollars a month, you can handle such annoyances really cheap.

Conclusion on the subject of free VPN

If you are one VPN only want to use it to check your e-mails from time to time or to surf in a public WLAN and you don't care about slow internet speeds or the transfer of your data to third parties, then you can use it for free VPN use it. There are some more trustworthy ones like ProtonVPN. But our recommendation is very clear: Invest the few euros a month for a secure, reliable and high-performance paid one VPN-Service. You (and your privacy, your data and your pleasure too) will thank you!

Created on:08/21/2020

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