VyprVPN permanently free on Android and iOS

VyprVPN free on Android & iOS
VyprVPN free on Android & iOS

VyprVPN The Swiss service provider offers the use of its service completely free of charge for Android and Apple iOS devices (smartphones, tablets, TV streaming boxes, etc.). No payment details are requested. It is sufficient to enter an “anonymous email address” in order to use the service permanently.

VyprVPN use for free!

VyprVPN currently offers more than 800 active VPN Server in 64 countries. The selection is not limited to the free version. Only the data volume is set to a monthly limit. This is currently 500MB per month. By recommending the free service but, to friends or acquaintances, but the included volume expanded to up to 2.000MB per month become. This model is also known to us in other Internet services. (Dropbox etc ..) The complete VyprVPN Experience Test also gives more information about the possibilities.

Is the free data volume sufficient?

500 to 2000 MB per month may not seem like much at first. However, if you consider that these are just “mobile devices”, most users will get by with ease. This option is particularly interesting for people who are currently on a trip and e.g. in Turkey want to bypass the restrictions on access to Whatsapp, Viber, Facebook, Twitter etc. Since you have the VyprVPN To use tariff completely for free, you need for a use that may be only 7 to 14 days, not a fixed VPN To register the tariff.

It's easy, VyprVPN free to use:

  1. download App
  2. Confirm email address
  3. VypyVPN use

VyprVPN in the Apple iOS AppStore
VyprVPN in the Apple iOS AppStore

VyprVPN for Android in the Google Play Store
VyprVPN for Android in the Google Play Store


The entire installation process is done in less than 5 minutes. You will not receive any annoying advertising messages to the e-mail address you specify. And of course you can also use an anonymous address, which I do not consider necessary.

"GoldenFrog" is the provider of VyprVPN and a trustworthy company headquartered in Switzerland. The owners and founders of the company, Ron Yokubaitis,  focus on privacy for privacy and privacy. This is also shown by his Visions about anonymity and freedom on the Internet quite well.


TIP: But there are others VPN Provider, which you use or test for free can.

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Black Friday at VyprVPN: 3 years for only USD60 (USD1.66 / month)

Top offer from VyprVPN: order a 2-year subscription for USD60 and get 1 year for free! So USD60 for 3 years. 


Created on:02/28/2016

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