CyberGhost for free! More than just an advertising measure?

CyberGhost currently does a lot of advertising in German-speaking countries. Among other things, a free tariff to inspire customers of the service. That one will not be permanently satisfied, however, results from the lack of functions this option includes.

Update: CyberGhost free of charge will be discontinued by December 2018.

CyberGhost VPN free!

Are you interested in CyberGhost? VPN so you can directly load and install the software or apps, even without registration, you can then use the service immediately free of charge. It seems that there are only minor restrictions. After a few hours of use, however, the picture changes, because automatic and unpredicted disconnections suddenly break the connections. The speed settles on 768kb / s to 1MB / s, making it synonymous for rare YouTube use completely useless. And if you want to connect again, you are often in the queue before you then for a period CyberGhost VPN may use again free of charge. The severely limited selection of servers is ignored, as this is often the case with free VPNServices is the case.

COMPLETELY UNSuitable - you should not use CyberGhost permanently for free.

All in all, it is actually not really advisable to use CyberGhost free of charge for holiday trips or other occasions, the restrictions and annoying waiting times are far too complicated and also inhibiting. The fact that you can be separated within a few seconds means that you no longer have to use it as an anonymization service.

Privacy free with CyberGhost

Likewise, we have already reported that CyberGhost free of charge is not suitable for anonymization is. Already in the terms and conditions it is pointed out that the company cooperates with authorities at its own discretion and also takes the right to record data of users or pass on. Anyone who, like the joyous advertising messages, can rely on being completely protected against surveillance or exploration on the Internet can soon experience a rude awakening. No reasonable user will therefore entrust this service with his identity.

CyberGhost free: For TV & video streaming

If you only use it for TV / video streaming, you have to be aware that without the premium tariff there will be no real transmission speed. However, as many readers tell us, there is no guarantee that you can actually watch a film in FullHD. Frequent fluctuations in bandwidth and less stable data transmissions spoil the pleasure at many peak times.

Comparison with others VPN Services makes CyberGhost look “bad”.

Although CyberGhost's apps and software solutions are constantly updated and visually deliver, they can be compared directly with others VPN-Services like VyprVPN or NordVPN hardly any serious benefits for CyberGhost filter out.

  • High price compared to other services
  • Slow servers that promise little stability
  • Activities of the users are saved
  • Limitation on bandwidths and also on devices used, which must be created in advance. (Sure, you also need log files, otherwise these limitations could not be applied - no matter what the advertising promises!)
  • Cooperation with authorities and requesting organizations (according to own terms and conditions)
  • Customer service is sparing and always answers with standard phrases
  • Free variant is as good as not to use

CyberGhost free customers are not critical!

These are just some of the disadvantages that make the service almost useless in direct comparison. Nevertheless, many fans swear by the service. In direct conversations, these are usually surprised when you read the conditions which CG publishes for the first time. One notices here, advertising seems to work, and customers simply uncritically accept the proverbs. The sense of security is already enough, the reality does not have to correspond to that?

In the end, everyone should see for themselves. Cyberghost VPN was awarded by us for the best customer service.

CyberGhost review

CyberGhost VPN








Customer Service





  • Complete in German
  • Easy usage
  • Interesting additional functions


  • Speed ​​reduced by using proxy rather
  • Data transfer to private companies and authorities according to the GTC
  • Deceptive anonymity, here is clearly exaggerated in advertising
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