What is the Darknet and what does it do? To help VPN and TOR using the Darknet safely!

Often the Darknet is considered "evil". Because illegal activities should be handled there. But this is a prejudice. Because the Darknet is indeed a self-contained, a "hidden network" that is not open to any user. But that also applies to various other networks. If you think about it, the intranet of a company is already a "darknet". Here only a selected group of people have access and can get information. Such self-assured and hidden "darknets" can be found all over the world, in a variety of companies, organizations and even politicians.

Darknet: hidden websites only for specific people

Darknet is a set of web pages that can not be found on the search engine and are only accessible to certain people or can be reached by certain users. To get into the darknet, the hidden network, z. B. either requires access data or the user must have a VPNConnect to the network. But in principle, a normal internet connection is sufficient to get into the Darknet.

What is the Darknet and what does it do? To help VPN and TOR using the Darknet safely! 1
What is the Darknet? What does it bring to you?

The Darknet is also known as the TOR network

In connection with the Darknet you have certainly already heard about the TOR network. It is also called onion network due to its complex structure ("onion"). There are websites in this network that you can only access via TOR. That is not a problem though. Because TOR anyone can use for free, without having to give out data. It is an anonymization service that protects you from surveillance and espionage.

Using TOR is not difficult at all!

All you have to do is install the TOR browser on your device. This is possible for different operating systems - Windows, MacOS, Android ... Once you have installed the browser, you are already ready for your tour in the hidden network of ".onion" domains. Connect to the network completely securely and anonymously, TOR will do the rest for you.

With TOR you are anonymous & safe!

If you're wondering if you can access .onion web pages without a TOR, then the answer is no. Only TOR users can reach these pages. This brings us back to the topic of the restricted user group. But you are hidden from these other users, and they are hidden from you. Because every participant in the TOR network is anonymous and stays that way. Surveillance or espionage are not possible. Users can move without hesitation and are also much more permissive with their content.

No wonder these advantages are of course also very interesting for cheaters and criminals. BUT: That's a minority! Just as in normal life there are also "dark boys" in the Darknet - and many more normal, well-meaning users!

But if not hiding criminal activities - what do users appreciate about TOR? Quite simply: TOR users attach great importance to free internet WITHOUT borders and WITHOUT surveillance, With a lot of privacy. Really good (in the truest sense of the word) so, without any ulterior motives. After all, you and I, too, appreciate staying anonymous and not being constantly tracked online. 150 Millions of people around the world count TOR among its network.

Using TOR is absolutely legal and recommended!

And so it is absolutely legal to try TOR. Do not let yourself be misled by any media reports that turn TOR and other anonymization services into a bad, disreputable - even illegal - light. Everyone can and should use TOR! You do not even have to enter your details if you do not want to. TOR runs like a normal other service, a forum etc. In order to be able to deal with the topic a bit closer, we recommend you the further information on the official "TOR Project".

Every Internet user has the right to privacy and data security. TOR and VPNServices help!

Not only individuals appreciate the benefits of TOR and VPN, Governments and millions of businesses are using these tools to create and communicate their own secure networks. Without surveillance and espionage from outside. VPN is the worldwide standard for secure data transmission over the Internet - and by no means prohibited or disreputable!

Monitoring by authorities and secret services? Restrain them VPN services and GO!

Does the traffic analysis say something to you? No, then watch out, because this is a form of surveillance that secret services such as the NSA and other agencies or governments particularly like and often use.

"Traffic analysis"

In this form of analysis, Internet users are specifically monitored. For example, your data, or even your Internet traffic, are read out and analyzed. With such information can already create very true to life user profiles. After all, we spend half of our lives on the Internet, shopping there, listening to music, playing games etc. So it's not just important that your name or address stays private, but also your activities on the Internet. Because the conclusions can seriously affect your privacy.

Need an example? So your internet activities can damage you as a person and your privacy!

Imagine, a teacher searches the Internet for information on HIV and writes an e-mail to a specialist. If these activities were monitored and made public, what would happen to the teacher? He would probably be rid of his job. Maybe he would not find one anymore. And his surroundings would even avoid him. But it would be bad enough if he had to answer his community's questions about his Internet activities. So you see, this form of monitoring could have really negative consequences for your privacy that you would struggle with in everyday life.

State mass surveillance is a no-go - for many good reasons:

The benefits of mass surveillance are more than questionable!

  • In many cases, governments argue that mass surveillance is important in the fight against terror. However, there is no evidence that surveillance has ever prevented terrorist acts in recent years.
  • Criminals are not of yesterday either. Of course, they avoid state mass surveillance as much as possible and use other means of communication than supervised channels. In fact, only people like you and me, who have nothing to hide, are the victims of mass surveillance.

Monitoring innocent? Democracy looks different!

  • State mass surveillance assumes that every single citizen is up to the mark of criminals. The state thus distrusts its citizens and places them under general suspicion. Not necessarily optimal to create a harmonious relationship of trust ...
  • Democracy means that citizens monitor the government. And not the other way around. This principle is reversed by mass monitoring. It has nothing to do with democracy!

Mass surveillance carries risks and has negative consequences

  • Confidential communication with doctors, lawyers etc. in a state of mass surveillance? Rather not possible - because this would hurt the confidentiality.
  • Mass surveillance also means that data is collected and stored. Of course, these data can also be stolen. The more often they are copied, the higher the risk of data leakage!
  • In addition, the collected data could be abused. While this may not seem appropriate, who knows what the future will bring us?
  • As you saw in the example above, data can tell a lot about people. The data collected by mass surveillance are no exceptions - so what conclusions can be drawn to all affected citizens? Where mass surveillance leads with regard to this is not at all clear.
  • Mass surveillance is also doing something with ourselves, with those affected. When you know that you are being watched, you react and think differently. You censor yourself and everyone else does the same. This turns the whole society into a uniformity of conformity.

"I have nothing to hide": This statement has nothing to do with the right to privacy!

  • Whether you have something to hide or not. Privacy is ALWAYS always yours!
    Also, who has nothing to hide, must not be monitored!
  • All those who think that mass surveillance is not a problem, if you have not done anything wrong, should ask yourself: Would I also hang surveillance cameras in the bedroom? Or do I have something to hide?
  • When the state stores your data, data that you have legally generated, it virtually expropriates you! Because you should be able to determine what happens to it.

"More security & the fight against terrorism through mass surveillance.": There is no such thing as 100% security!

  • Even mass surveillance does not ensure absolute safety. Thus, all ways are open to want to monitor more and more, without ever reaching the goal of complete security. So an absurd endeavor and no logical argument for mass surveillance!
  • Terror is aimed at undermining democracy. But an important feature of a democracy is precisely the privacy of the citizens. Mass surveillance is directed against privacy - and thus supports the idea of ​​terror! Using mass surveillance as an argument for the fight against terrorism is correspondingly wrong.
  • Preventing terrorist attacks is important. But much more important is the fight against the root of evil, the causes must be addressed, not just the symptoms. However, mass surveillance provides only (if any) alleged ammunition against the symptoms.

Quite a lot of strong arguments against mass surveillance, right? Therefore:

When you use TOR, you protect yourself against this data gathering that could endanger the privacy of everyone!

BUT: TOR alone does not completely protect against surveillance! That's why you should only share TOR with one VPNUse the service!

What is the Darknet and what does it do? To help VPN and TOR using the Darknet safely! 2

But is TOR a sole panacea? No! Unfortunately some revelations of the last years have shown that. First of all, those that the NSA hired a former TOR employee, The goal of this action: the identification of TOR users about a technical problem. Because a router can always see the last IP address of a user. This means, if you connect to TOR from your own device (with your own IP address), and the NSA messes with the gateways, it can also detect your real IP address.

A clear case for VPN: Some vendors have looked into this NSA TOR problem and developed a solution for it. The so-called "VPN to TOR "connectivity bypass the trick or manipulation of TOR networks by the NSA. For this, you first connect with one VPNServer capable of TOR, and only then will you join the TOR network. If the NSA then tries to find out your real IP address, it will not return to the IP address of yours VPN Server. An identification is not possible! You stay anonymous and the monitoring failed.

Attention: Not everyone VPN Service is TOR fit! Really search VPN which is suitable for a connection with TOR - these are, for example:

  • NordVPN
  • Perfect Privacy
  • Fox VPN

Apart from that, in the worst case, you may face much more security problems than "just" identification with the NSA.

Sharing means that you have TOR and VPN Use "cascaded" to secure your privacy. A parallel use has no sense!

VPN & TOR connection differences

VPN & TOR connection differences

Created on:04/06/2019

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