Info: What is VPN actually?

VPN is a standard on the Internet and is used millions of times in various forms by companies and also governments for secure communication and data transmission on the Internet. One can also call this "tunnel" because of VPN a virtual and encrypted connection is established between two opposing parties. Everything that happens within this encrypted communication (tunnel) is no longer visible to others through encryption. In contrast to SSL or TLS, which are transmission encryptions for web pages or e-mail servers, is added VPN, depending on the protocol, carried out a qualified authentication. So a web page provides you with the data via SSL Encrypted on your browser (https: //) but this also everyone else and there is no unique relationship between your browser and the web server. at VPN is this different. Between your device and that VPNServer verifies the authenticity of each other and establishes a unique data connection. Data that could be intercepted on the way between these two counterpoints, are not visible and remain secret.

Okay, so far the technology.

With VPN you sign up at one VPNServer. There you get because you part of a network is also assigned an IP address, which is henceforth as an identity led to the outside. In addition, as a rule, all communication over the VPN-Tunnel is only led there to the "open Internet". So you enter through one VPNProvider the internet in another location. And not only virtual but also practical. because all traffic z.Bsp. Querying a web page happens then directly over the VPNServer location and will then be transported through the tunnel to your device.

Sounds complicated? But it is not really.

Also used TOR VPN Connections to disguise users' identities. With TOR (Onion), multiple users or participants in the network log on again and again until they finally enter the “open Internet”. Some people use this technique VPN Providers also by “VPN Enable multi-hob connections.





Created on:01/26/2016

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