Encryption simply explained

We have our data almost everywhere: on a laptop, on hard drives, USB sticks etc. All the more dangerous if these devices are lost - with all the data. Unless you use encryption. You can find out why and how to do this in the following article. Encryption works like a vault

Laptops, memory cards, etc.: practical - but also a risk

Instead of mountains of paper, many people now have their information and data conveniently and conveniently on various devices. Be it on a laptop, on hard drives or memory cards. So we always have everything with us and can access it. Very comfortable. But if we lose a laptop now, it's twice as annoying. On the one hand, a new device costs a lot of money. And on the other hand, data is lost.

Lost data can easily fall into the wrong hands

Lost data is the bigger problem. Because the laptop can be replaced. Sometimes the data is not. In addition, unauthorized third parties could access sensitive and personal data that only concerns you or your friends, family, colleagues, etc. Who wants secrets - be they private or professional - to fall into the wrong hands?

Encryption protects your data

But this is not necessarily the case. The solution to this problem is encryption. With an encryption program such as NordLocker, you can either encrypt your data individually in the form of "lockers" or containers, or you can do this for your entire device. This turns the locker or hard drive into a safe that only you have access to. With the right password, of course.

Back up data three times

A good old saying from the IT scene says: Data only exist if it is stored in at least three different locations. According to this motto, important data, photos etc. should always be saved several times (even physically outside of your own home!). Simply copy your locker onto different devices to make backup copies. So you can always be sure that your data is protected - even if your laptop is stolen, your apartment burns down, etc. Encryption with NordLocker

NordLocker: This is how you encrypt your data

So much for theory. In practice, the whole thing is also quite simple - here you can find our review of NordLocker, the popular encryption tool VPN-Service NordVPN. You can get NordLocker here.

Created on:04/24/2020

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