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Anyone who follows the education of the international press on the monitoring of millions of Internet users through their webcams, is also looking for solutions to this problem. Edward Snowden's documents, as well as many other reports published by WikiLeaks, make it clear that nearly every device is suitable for user facialization espionage purposes. 

 Figures from the United Kingdom suggest that monitoring via the webcams is so frequently used that in total more than 60% of all Internet users who also have devices with built-in cameras (webcam) have already become victims involuntarily and unnoticed. 


Daily webcam monitoring
Daily webcam monitoring

The monitoring by webcams is increasing!

In general, one can not deny the impression that the surveillance by the exploitation of vulnerabilities and the use of webcams is steadily increasing. That's not surprising, since today almost every device is equipped with built-in webcams. PCs, laptops, smartphones as well as tablets are widely used, but rarely do users worry about the possibilities of espionage these technical devices now offer.

Why are respectable citizens recorded with their own webcams?

The question is never known to insiders, that intelligence agencies do everything possible. But there is a practical benefit in that the services collect tons of user footage right in front of their devices. It will be improved and fed facial recognition programs. 

The face recognition databases promoted by the NSA, GHCQ and also the BND have seen dramatic improvements in the last 5 years, as millions of people whose daily images were imported into the face database and thus learned to precisely anticipate changes over time. This means that with this huge database it is now possible to identify hundreds of millions of people within a few milliseconds as soon as they are with a surveillance camera. These are also available at German airports, some public places and in many cities. From this, more detailed movement profiles and complete monitoring of individual individuals can be made possible very soon.

What can you do?

The first idea is, of course, simply a manual help, so to put an adhesive strip on the camera.

This is indeed a very effective means, but some adhesives permanently destroy the lenses of the cameras. This is not a desirable side effect. Therefore, the search for a remedy that can be used practically every now and then, protects the camera lens instead of destroying it and when it looks nice.

Hidy® a protection for the camera lens and privacy through the hidden webcam!

Tip: webcam espionage & protection from everyday surveillance 1

 The really nice to look at but not intrusive stickers for the webcam from Hidy®, are without adhesives and very soft. This effectively protect the camera lenses, are always usable and if you do not want to use this easy to install next to the webcam. As soon as the webcam is no longer actively used, the lens can be obscured again.

The Hidy® stickers are available for a few euros including shipping costs and are available in different designs. The privacy gained is priceless!

Hidy® webcam protection & privacy

Tip: webcam espionage & protection from everyday surveillance 2







Created on:06/30/2017

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