Passwords 2019 - safe AND easy to remember?

It's about passwords. They should be difficult to crack. But you should also be able to remember them. Quite difficult ... We found a video that will help you with the password problem. On the one hand, it explains how passwords work. On the other hand, how to make your passwords top-safe AND easy to remember.

Picture & sound are always good, it's best to watch the video straight away. We think: well done - and you? For those who prefer to read, here is a summary of the most important points:

Passwords 2019 - safe AND easy to remember? 1

One password - lots of rules

You have probably heard it before: passwords should consist of capital letters, special characters and numbers if possible. Also, of course, don't be too short, at least 8 characters. But don't use the same thing for too long and a different one for each account! Because if your password is leaked and you just use it everywhere, your risk will of course multiply enormously ...

Passwords are similar to simple numbers Easily remember passwords? loss

Admittedly, passwords are really complicated - when you would prefer not to think about them at all. Why it is like that? That's because of how passwords work: think of your new, expensive bike. Would you just leave it on the street without a lock? Certainly not. But if you buy a good combination lock now and only use your birthday as a combination again, that's not very wise either. The same applies to passwords. With the big difference that birth dates, dog names etc. are easy to find online. In addition, this research is simply done by the computer.

With a leak you are particularly at risk!

If the hacker is brazen enough to try out lively passwords directly in your account, he is usually unlucky. Because after a few tries, it locks. Things are very different if a provider you use becomes the victim of a data leak or claw. Because then the attacker also has your data. Now he just has to let his computer search for passwords to crack your account. And unlike a human, a computer can do it in a few seconds.

You can find out whether you have ever been the victim of a leak and whether you have data floating around on the net have i been pwned check easily.

The longer the password, the longer it takes to crack

The simpler your password is, the faster the computer will find out. But if you use a nifty password with special characters, numbers, etc., it will be more difficult. Then a so-called "brute force" attack is needed. The length of the password really matters here. 10 lower case letters can be cracked in a few seconds. With 11 lowercase letters, the computer has been busy for 20 days. And if you chose 16 lowercase letters, an incredible 10 computers struggle over 2.000 years!

Top: long & multifaceted

So far we have only talked about the length of passwords. But not only the longer the better. If you include special characters, numbers and capital letters now, the computer takes millions of years. So bad luck.

The solution: Pass phrases make your life easier!

But remember a password made up of 15 colorfully thrown together characters, numbers, etc.? No chance! Unless you resort to a trick: instead of a PASSWORD, come up with a PASSWORD. You read that correctly - because sentences are much easier to remember. For example: "Four-part divided by 4 = 10" or "With a pass phrase, security is> than with 1 password" or "This_is_ my_password_for_F @ cebook". With these passports you meet all the requirements regarding the length and the types of characters. And such a sentence is really much easier to “store” in the brain.

What can a password manager do for you?

Passport phrases are very practical - by the way, Edward Snowden also knows that, as he explains here:

Passwords 2019 - safe AND easy to remember? 2

But a lot of pass phrases at once are not that easy to remember either. So that you can keep track of things, we recommend a password manager such as the new NordPass from NordVPN.

We hope you have fun conceiving the passport set, but above all, maximum security!

Created on:01/08/2020

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