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Short description ZenMate VPN for Windows

ZenMate VPN is a german VPNProvider based in Berlin, which has been active since 2013. The service has millions of customers around the world through 40, providing protection from today's ubiquitous surveillance by governments & Co. ZenMate VPN for Windows secures with an account up to 5 of your devices. So you and your family stay anonymous and private throughout the home. Once you start using ZenMate VPN all your traffic is encrypted and protected from prying eyes. Your real IP address is obscured, your tracks are blurred. For this purpose, ZenMate servers are available to you in more than 30 locations.

In addition to the benefits of your privacy as a Windows user, the service allows you to enjoy entertainment such as file sharing or streaming thanks to unrestricted bandwidth and speed. If you want to surf limitlessly all over the world - without annoying geo-blocking or even censorship in surveillance states like China - ZenMate will help you VPN for Windows, too. No content is denied you anymore!

Brief overview of ZenMate VPN

  • Streaming is allowed and possible across all available locations.
  • Easy to use
  • Clear pricing
  • Reliable protection against DNS leaks through own record-free DNS servers
  • Simple browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera available
  • Only English speaking customer service available
  • Use of proxy servers and therefore no real anonymity
  • Filesharing limitations
  • Data will be shared with authorities at its sole discretion
  • Free version has security deficiencies
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Compatible operating systems Windows 10 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista , Windows XP
Program Type Paid , Trial version (try 7 days for free)
Purchase price 2.22 EUR
Language German , English
filesize179,45 kB
Manufacturer/Model ZenMate VPN
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ZenMate WindowsAbout ZenMate Windows Download

ZenMate VPN comes from the heart of Germany and offers you anonymous surfing in German-speaking and generally simplest way. With just one click you can use your Windows device with the VPN connect and surf privately. Your data is routed through a tunnel and encrypted. Instead of your own IP address, outsiders only see the IP address of the ZenMate Windows server you have selected.

Bypass censorship with ZenMate Windows

The anonymity gained in this way offers numerous advantages. For example, ZenMate Windows gives you access to blocked content. This is particularly useful in restrictive countries like China or the United Emirates. Because there you could without VPN Do not go to Facebook or use WhatsApp or read international news. Everything is blocked by the governments. If you are a Windows user but with a VPN Connect server, you enjoy free Internet in such regions.


It works similarly with content blocked due to locations: If you are on vacation and want to watch your favorite series on Netflix, you can often be unlucky. For licensing reasons, you will be blocked abroad. ZenMate Windows can help here (unfortunately, many video portals VPNs detect and generally block). But the reverse is also true: Because you can be with the right one VPN Shop for cheaper shopping, book flights cheaper or stream foreign content that would otherwise be blocked for you.

Connect up to 5 devices with an account

The ZenMate Windows Download Provides protection for your entire family: You can have five devices simultaneously with one account VPN connect. ZenMate Windows is ideally supplemented by other applications such as for Apple or Android - mobile as well as online and also as browser extensions. This is the right ZenMate for every user VPN Application.

Anonymity & data protection with ZenMate Windows

ZenMate VPN comes from Berlin and is therefore subject to German legislation. The offerer refers to the advantages, which a German VPN offers and also states that no user data is stored. However, the terms and conditions also refer to the fact that a data transfer in the course of warnings / authority requests is possible. Furthermore, it is necessary to maintain central customer protocols for the device limitation, which is also associated with the storage of data - this is technically impossible to do otherwise.

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