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VyprVPN for Android - protects and secures da data

An Android VPN encrypted and secured da mobile internet connection and prevents the government, hackers and third-party providers da OView online activities, personal communications and data. With VyprVPN you have one VPN-App for Android and can connect to 70 + server locations worldwide.

With VyprVPN kannst du on da favorite website from anywhere in the world with an Android VPN App access. Golden Frog Global VPNServers restore the user's freedom and help bypass site-based IP blocking. By using oner VPN-App for Android you can also Quickly share his unforgettable moments with his friends and family on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Quick Overview VyprVPN

  • Swiss reliable and reputable supplier
  • Fast server and great technology
  • No logfiles (logs) confirmed by independent experts
  • Use on all devices included VPN-Heimroutern usable!
  • All TV & Videoportale are thus also usable abroad!
  • Unfortunately only PayPal and credit cards are available as payment method.
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Compatible operating systems Android
Program Type Paid , Trial version (try 60 days for free)
Purchase price 1.44 EUR
Language English
number of Downloads10.456
filesize13,80 MB
Manufacturer/Model VyprVPN
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categorySafety | Surf anonymously

VyprVPNVyprVPN Android Android is a Goldenfrog product with 73 server locations in 64 countries. The service offers maximum speed. It is easy to use - therefore prefern immer mehr User this provider. It is also a great advantage to mentionthat VyprVPN since August 2019 the only one VPNProvider that you can use for almost all video platforms.

Streaming with VyprVPN Android

With VyprVPN Android you can overcome the blockages of streaming services. So iIt is also the scope of the streamings extensive - the provider supports a wide variety of platforms! 

Amazon Video, Netflix, DAZN & Co becamen recently with VyprVPN Android possible!

Since August 2019 will the VyprVPN Download virtually blocked from any German video platform anymore. Früher there was - as with many other providers - problems with the ÜBroadcast from Netlix, Eurosport, SKY, DAZN, etc. VyprVPN However, in the last few months has time and money to solve this problem invested. The speed and amount of data are not limited.

Swiss data protection laws

GoldenFrog GmbH is registered in Meggen, Switzerland due to the favorable Swiss privacy policy. Switzerland has created a global framework within the EU, the United States and other countries that carries data protection across borders. The Switzerland, no data can be passed on to investigating authorities.


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