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How do I judge? Surfshark VPN on Windows?

The provider Surfshark provides easy-to-use software for Windows for free. This is simply installed by using the loaded file. After the installation it is necessary also the user name (E-Mail) and the password of a Surfshark VPN Specify account.

After that one comes directly to the location selection and can activate also in the attitudes many additional functions.

advantages of Surfshark for Windows:

  • Whitelister (pages from VPN exempt)
  • CleanWeb (activate advertising filter)
  • KillSwitch (Interruptions without security risk
  • Protocol Selection (OpenVPN, IEKv2, Shadowsocks)
  • Manage secure wifi networks

And much more.


  • Innvovativster VPN of the year 2019, with many additional functions and very easy handling
  • German-language apps and customer service in live chat.
  • Shadowsocks protocol has been implemented and provides stable connections in restrictive networks (China, hotels, Arab states)
  • VPNCascades offer increased security against surveillance.
  • CleanWeb (advertising filter) and HackLock (security review) available.
  • Amazon Prime Video and DAZN are not available on German servers.
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Pictures of the application (SURFSHARK VPN)

Surfshark site selection

Surfshark site selection

Connected to Manchester

Connected to Manchester

1 click connection from Surfshark

1 click connection from Surfshark

Registration in the software of Surfshark VPN

Registration in the software of Surfshark VPN

Surfshark Software for Windows

Surfshark Software for Windows


Compatible operating systems Windows 10 , Windows 8 , Windows 7
Program Type Paid , Trial version (try 30 days for free)
Purchase price 2.49 USD
Language German , English
number of Downloads2457
filesize15,59 MB
Manufacturer/Model Surfshark VPN
To the homepage of the manufacturer
categorySafety | Surf anonymously

Hat Surfshark Windows log files?

The service does not log user activity and does not run log files on the servers. Another good indication is that you can often use the service unlimited on different devices at the same time. Log files would log the accesses, then this possibility would not exist.

No log files - at no time

How much does it cost Surfshark VPN?

The service is characterized by an unlimited use. This includes not only the unlimited use but also the unlimited use on any number of devices at the same time with only a single account.

This relativizes the already low price of Surfshark further.

Surfshark Apps and applications

In the apps for Windows, Apple macOS, Apple iOS, Android, Linux, FireTV, Chrome browser, Firefox browser, etc., the user is no restrictions on the use contrary.

Surfshark Windows offers many additional functions (HackLock)

With CleanWeb (advertising filter) and KillSwitch (security in case of interruptions) Surfshark some features that support the security especially. However, offers Surfshark Windows also has unique functions that we have never seen before, for example HackLock

This constantly searches for hacks on the Internet that are related to your email address or the passwords you use. You'll be warned as soon as possible and can protect your data before others use it.

Video: Save with Surfshark VPN (YouTube Premium)

How you with Surfshark VPN In the following video, we can show you how much you can save with online subscriptions. So you can buy the YouTube Premium and Music subscription instead of € 11.99 for only € 2.74 per month, and that quite legally. So the investment in the Surfshark Download played back very quickly.

Surfshark Windows free Download  1

Current promotions on Surfshark Windows Download

Surfshark - 1 years around € 59.88 (€ 4.99 / month)
Surfshark - 1 years around € 59.88 (€ 4.99 / month)
Surfshark offers only € 1 (€ 59.88 / month) for the 4.99 year promotion period. This corresponds to a discount of 50% on the annual price with ...Show more
Surfshark offers only € 1 (€ 59.88 / month) for the 4.99 year promotion period. This equals a 50% discount on the annual price with 30 money back guarantee. show less
Surfshark - 24 months for only € 45.12 (€ 1.79 / month)
2 years
Surfshark - 24 months for only € 45.12 (€ 1.79 / month)
Surfshark offers in the promotion period for - 2 years for only € 45.12 (€ 1.79 / month). This corresponds to a discount of 82% on the annual price. Of the...Show more
Surfshark offers in the promotion period for - 2 years for only € 45.12 (€ 1.79 / month). This corresponds to a discount of 82% on the annual price. The discounted price is valid only for advance payment of the entire period. show less

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