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PureVPN easily installed

  1. PureVPN just download and install it for free.
  2. Simply log in to the software or create an account through the software.
  3. Last simply with any VPNConnect server.

The software for Windows

PureVPN owns a huge network with over 3 millions of users. To the software of PureVPN To use, you have to complete a paid subscription. As soon as you do that, you have an 140 VPNCountries with which you can connect with just one click. You can protect yourself well with this service from trackers, malicious software and annoying advertising. In addition, the includes Download also all important features of the provider, such as "kill switch" and "multi-hop".

You can PureVPN also connect to routers, but this is not recommended.

Quick Overview PureVPN

  • Easy to use
  • Fast server
  • High data security
  • Great customer service (live chat)
  • Extremely inexpensive!
  • Customer service only in English
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Pictures of the application

PureVPN Installing the software

Installing the software from PureVPN

Confirmation of the installation

Confirmation of the installation

PureVPN Software in English

PureVPN Software in English

PureVPN Software in German

PureVPN Software in German

Registration in the PureVPN Software

Registration in the PureVPN Software


Compatible operating systems Windows 10 , Windows 8 , Windows 7
Program Type Paid
Purchase price 5.81 EUR
Language German , English
number of Downloads17.339
filesize38,95 MB
Manufacturer/Model PureVPN
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categorySafety | Surf anonymously

last changes

PureVPN was last updated on 09.07.2019 and is available here in the version 7.0.5 Download available.

PureVPN Windows - User-friendly app with a huge network

About 2.000 VPNServers in 140 countries are at Download from PureVPN Windows included. Among other things, the network is also run by a sister company (IvacyVPN used). The provider belongs to a Pakistani group and is called VPN distributed from Hong Kong. It serves around 3 millions of customers worldwide. The software is really nice and easy to use. With the PureVPN Download you can protect your Windows device well against threats on the Internet and also blocks the service even annoying ads.

The service is popular with users from Asia and the US, but it does not meet the needs of European users. We therefore also have a lot of negative feedback from users about Pure in our readers sectionVPN receive. Which is why the classification by us also turned out to be negative. Still, you have to say that PureVPN always works on itself to meet the needs of users.

Anonymous on the Internet with the PureVPN Download

With this provider you can really browse the Internet safely without having to worry about tracking. The application features KillSwitch, multi-hop connections and includes DDoS protection. Also for P2P is the PureVPN Download well suited. The company uses the most modern and safest VPNProtocols, with 256-bit encryption to AES.

ATTENTION!: PureVPN saves log files!

Streaming and torrenting

The service specializes in streaming and torrenting, though it has to be said that it did not do the job well. But as mentioned above, Pure worksVPN constantly innovating for his service and meanwhile has acceptable speeds. In addition, you have unlimited bandwidth available, which of course can be done a lot.

Cost of PureVPN Windows

PureVPN has a huge network VPNServers and it keeps growing. But the service offers a really acceptable price. The costs depend of course on the respective subscriptions. (1 month, 1 year and 2 years). You can choose between 25 different payment methods, including anonymous variants. Should you look at PureVPN do not feel well - that's the right to an 31 day money back guarantee.

The service itself can be tested or used on smartphones even with a low data volume for free. The PureVPN Download but will only be usable for paying customers.

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