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ProtonVPN for Windows

ProtonVPN Windows should offer the users special protection. The Swiss provider has developed a number of functions designed to achieve this goal as comprehensively as possible. First and foremost, the location: Switzerland has one of the strictest privacy laws for its citizens and is not in line with EU and US laws, which provide for data disclosure in government inquiries, etc. In addition, Switzerland is also not a member of the "14 Eyes" surveillance network and adheres to a no-log-policy.

Keep control of your data

That means you as a protonVPN for Windows users to keep control over your data. After the provider does not save any data, he can not publish any. He does not have to, because he can not be obligated by law. Even large US corporations have failed, at least so far, in attempts to enforce copyright lawsuits against civilians in Switzerland. Filesharing, Torrent and Streaming are with ProtonVPN for Windows so risk-free possible.

Features: secure core, kill switch, direct gate access and more

Proton also offersVPN Windows some additional security features: The provider uses only strong encryption algorithms (AES-256) and protocols (IKEv2 / IPSec and OpenVPN - a very safe and reliable standard). Other features include DNS leak protection, kill switch, always-onVPN and the special secure core protect your data and your internet activities against access and manipulation. Top: ProtonVPN for Windows provides direct access to the Tor / Onion network - this feature is very handy, but rarely found with providers.

Quick Overview ProtonVPN

  • Free, data-unlimated permanent tariff
  • Excellent transparency
  • TOR (Onion) connection available
  • Kill switch available
  • Open onlyVPN and IKEv2 protocol in use
  • More complex tariff model
  • Top features only available in higher priced rates
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ProtonVPN Secure Core

ProtonVPN Secure Core

ProtonVPN Kill Switch

Kill Switch settings from ProtonVPN

ProtonVPN Profile settings

ProtonVPN Profile settings


Compatible operating systems Windows 10 , Windows 8 , Windows 7
Program Type Freeware
Purchase price 4 USD
Language English
number of Downloads14.566
filesize11,85 MB
Manufacturer/Model ProtonVPN
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ProtonVPN Windows - a service from Switzerland

ProtonVPN has chosen a location that has been chosen for privacy: Switzerland is known for its strict laws to protect the privacy of its citizens. It does not cooperate with US and EU authorities when they insist on the disclosure of civilian data. For example, in the course of a (alleged) copyright infringement. For one VPNProvider is that a very good attitude and so offers you ProtonVPN Windows best conditions in terms of anonymity.

ProtonVPN Windows: Developed by CERN scientists against surveillance

ProtonVPN Windows leads all of its applications, including ProtonVPN Windows, also no records of user activities. True to the motto: If we do not collect the data, we can not even print it out. These safety and privacy philosophy scientists have invaded the famous Swiss CERN. Your real goal in the development of ProtonVPN Windows, among other things, was to protect journalists and activists from surveillance and espionage.

ProtonVPN Windows Download: Free long-term version available

ProtonVPN is the little brother of ProtonMail, an encrypted email service that is used worldwide. The VPN with its applications like protonVPN Of course, Windows perfectly complements this offer by breaking down Internet censorship and offering its users the freedom of a limitless Internet anywhere. The company believes that everyone has access to this free Internet. That's why there is protonVPN as free servicethat you can use unlimited in time. You can do the protonVPN Download So do it without thinking and protonVPN Test Windows properly.

ProtonVPN ➠ 1 year for only $ 96 (only $ 8 per month)
ProtonVPN ➠ 1 year for only $ 96 (only $ 8 per month)
ProtonVPN currently offers 25%, which also means you can use the service for only $ 8 a month.
ProtonVPN currently offers 25%, which also means you can use the service for only $ 8 a month. show less

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