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ProtonVPN for macOS

At protonVPN For macOS you have the choice: Either you test the provider as freeware, which can even be used indefinitely. Or opt for the Pro version with additional benefits such as access to all countries / servers, the simultaneous use of up to five devices, 30 day money back guarantee and all security features.

Many safety features at ProtonVPN Mac OS Download

ProtonVPN for macOS was equipped with an extra dose of security: Once you get the protonVPN Download have carried out, you can quickly & easily with a VPNConnect servers of your choice. If you are browsing the internet now, all your data is encrypted. By protonVPN If your Internet connection is transferred through encrypted tunnels, the numerous security features ensure that no attacker can intercept your connection or access data.

Unlimited internet & protection from surveillance for everyone

Besides, it's with ProtonVPN Of course, macOS is able to retrieve blocked pages. For example, if you also want to stream your favorite shows abroad or, in restrictive countries like Arabia, like to use social media as usual.

Quick Overview ProtonVPN MacOS

  • Free, data-unlimated permanent tariff
  • Excellent transparency
  • TOR (Onion) connection available
  • Kill switch available
  • Open onlyVPN and IKEv2 protocol in use
  • More complex tariff model
  • Top features only available in higher priced rates
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Pictures of the application

Software settings - kill switch

Software settings - kill switch

ProtonVPN Profile settings

ProtonVPN Profile settings

ProtonVPN Software for Mac

ProtonVPN Software for Mac


Compatible operating systems Mac OS X
Program Type Freeware
Purchase price 4 USD
Language English
number of Downloads18.900
filesize17,64 MB
Manufacturer/Model ProtonVPN
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ProtonVPN macOS - a service from Switzerland

ProtonVPN is one of the few providers that offer their users a free, time-unlimited and still recommendable tariff. So you can get your protonVPN Download very easy to test without binding and cost - but of course with some limitations. At his pay rates for protonVPN macOS and Co have a lot to offer the Swiss provider. Both in terms of functions and privacy.

ProtonVPN macOS & Co should protect against surveillance

ProtonVPN was by scientists of the Swiss CERN developed. (Dan Brown fans will know this facility well - keyword Illuminati ...). The team around ProtonVPN macOS and all the other applications wanted to give journalists and activists a way to protect themselves from surveillance and espionage. And, of course, to overcome any limitations that restrictive states have introduced in relation to the Internet (just think of the Surveillance State of China). The Swiss company had already implemented ProtonMail - the world's leading encrypted email service. This is also free and very useful, as our ProtonMail test report tells you.

ProtonVPN MacOS Download convinces with excellent privacy

Anyway, every proton stopsVPN Download in fact the promise of high privacy of its users: On the one hand, the location of Switzerland has the advantage of not being subject to EU and US laws and therefore not having to work with the local authorities. On the other hand, proton leadsVPN anyway no records of the activities of its users. Say, even if the company needs to release data, it simply has none. So you do not take any risk in terms of warnings, etc.

Safety has at ProtonVPN macOS priority

To protect even journalists and activists from hostile eavesdropping, Proton lays downVPN macOS places particular emphasis on the security of its users. There are some special additional features - including the SecureCore, KillSwitch or a direct Tor connection. The latter is not often found on VPN Market, although it is a great tool. The protonVPN Download So there are some surprises in store.

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