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Perfect Privacy VPN for Windows in 4 easy steps

  1. The software of Perfect Privacy VPN for Windows just download and install.
  2. After completing the installation, a settings window appears - you have to log in.
  3. Then close the settings window - then you get to the main window, where you can then directly select a suitable server.
  4. Finally, you just have to connect and you're already anonymous on the Internet.

The software for Windows devices

The software of Perfect Privacy VPN is quite clear and of course includes all functions. All important instructions for the respective operating systems can be found on the website of the service, since the configuration is sometimes not as easy as with other providers. Heard anyway Perfect Privacy VPN one of the safest services in the world and is a pro in what he does. If you really have one VPN If you are looking for an 100% anonymity, no matter what you do on the internet, you will not be able to get past this provider!

Quick Overview Perfect Privacy VPN

  • Absolutely highest anonymization and unlimited device usage!
  • Do not ask and save data
  • Mulit-Hop VPN obscures the identity better than any other solution!
  • Great personal customer service
  • Fast servers and connections with max. Transparency for the user
  • Higher but reasonable price (premium supplier)
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Pictures of the application

Perfect PrivacyVPNNeurorouting overview

Perfect PrivacyVPN Neurorouting overview

Perfect Privacy VPN with ASUSWRT by Merlin min

Perfect-Privacy VPN with ASUSWRT by Merlin

Perfect Privacy Application - registration

Perfect Privacy Application - registration

Perfect Privacy VPN program settings

Perfect Privacy VPN program settings

Firewall and DNS settings of the software

Firewall and DNS settings of the software

Software locations from Perfect Privacy VPN

Software locations from Perfect Privacy VPN


Compatible operating systems Windows 10 , Windows 8 , Windows 7
Program Type Paid , Trial version (try 7 days for free)
Purchase price 8.96 EUR
Language German , English
number of Downloads23.956
filesize7,42 MB
Manufacturer/Model Perfect Privacy VPN
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categorySafety | Surf anonymously

Perfect Privacy Windows - Swiss provider with settlement over Panama

The Download for the software from Perfect Privacy Windows includes all the functions of the provider. The company is one of the safest VPNProvider worldwide and has been ensuring the anonymity of its customers since 2008. The combination of the location in Switzerland and payment processing via Panama has already proven to be very secure because there can be no connection between the payment data and the user logs.

With the Perfect Privacy Windows Download you have access to 26 different VPNSites and most of them have a range of 1.000 MB. Of course, the service uses the most secure encryption methods (OpenVPN, IEKv2, PPTP, ..) and updates a “Warrant Canary” update every month. From this you can see that authorities have never requested user data.

Perfect Privacy VPN for Windows is excellent for:

  • A secure data transfer - Without log files!
  • Dynamic cascades through "Neuro Routing ™"
  • Worldwide, unlimited streaming
  • Highest anonymity
  • Protection against warnings when using VPN

Try 3 days for free

To give a little insight into the service of VPNYou can get Perfect Pricavy VPN for Windows, just test it for 3 days for free.

Prices from Perfect Privacy VPN for Windows

The service of the provider is not as cheap as some other providers, but you can really say that Perfect Privacy Download really pay off. As the name of the company says - you just have the perfect privacy with this provider!

There are as with almost all providers three packages to choose from, after which then the price depends. (1 month, 1 year, 2 years) When making a payment, you can choose between different 60 payment methods and you are also entitled to an 7 days money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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