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Software from Perfect Privacy VPN for Linux!

You can just use the software downloadand test, because Perfect Privacy VPN offers an 3 daily free trial. Instructions for the configuration can be found on the manufacturer side. Of the VPNProvider from Switzerland is one of the safest VPNServices worldwide and offers numerous features for the safety of its users. In terms of security you can not pass the provider, because he understands his job! The software is available in many languages, including, of course, in German.

Benefits of Perfect Privacy

  • Complete in German
  • Dynamic cascades through "Neuro Routing ™"
  • Direct access to the Onion network
  • Highest anonymity
  • and more!

Brief overview Perfect Privacy VPN

  • Absolutely highest anonymization and unlimited device usage!
  • Do not ask and save data
  • Mulit-Hop VPN obscures the identity better than any other solution!
  • Great personal customer service
  • Fast servers and connections with max. Transparency for the user
  • Higher but reasonable price (premium supplier)
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Pictures of the application

Perfect Privacy Application - Login

Perfect Privacy Application - registration

Perfect Privacy VPN program settings

Perfect Privacy VPN program settings

Firewall and DNS settings of the software

Firewall and DNS settings of the software

Software locations from Perfect Privacy VPN

Software locations from Perfect Privacy VPN


Compatible operating systems Linux
Program Type Paid
Purchase price 8.96 EUR
Language German , English
number of Downloads19.543
filesize345,12 kB
Manufacturer/Model Perfect Privacy VPN
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categorySafety | Surf anonymously

Perfect Privacy Linux Download - 26 VPNSites with 1.000 MB bandwidth

The company was founded 2008 in Switzerland. The payment process is done via Panama. The combination of the two countries is very well chosen, as there can be no connection between the user logs and the payment data. With the Download by Perfect Privacy VPN For Linux you are definitely on the safe side! It will VPNProtocols, like OpenVPN and IEKv2 with 265-bit encryption. In addition, the provider swears by its monthly "Warrant Canary" update and does not save log files.

Functions from Perfect Privacy Linux Download

The VPNService has many features on offer. Among other things, direct access to the Onion / TOR network, dynamic cascades through "Neuro Routing ™“And our own ad blocker and tracking stopper. In addition is Perfect Privacy VPN available for Linux in German and provides the highest possible level of security. Of course, there are many other functions for privacy.

Try 3 days for free

The Perfect Privacy Linux Download includes a 3 day trial. With the help of a free coupon you have the opportunity to get a little insight into the software of the provider.

It pays to try out Perfect Privacy Linux, because it is a really secure provider with many functions and nice software for Linux devices.

Cost of Perfect Privacy Linux Download

The Download the software is free, but you can only use the service if you have selected a paid subscription. The prices for the subscriptions are acceptable, making it one of the safest VPNs worldwide. The plans always include the right to a 7-day money-back guarantee. Because of this, you don't need to worry if you are Perfect Privacy VPN Just try it for Linux, because you can just ask for your money back.

There are 3 subscription plans to choose from, for 1 month, 1 year and 2 years. In addition, you can choose between 60 different payment methods, some of which are even anonymous possible.


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