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HideMy.name VPN for Windows

HideMy.name VPN for Windows provides you with a good (but not German language) solution to protect your data and your anonymity on the Internet. The app is very easy to use, with just one click you are with the VPN connected. You have the choice between 99 servers in 47 countries worldwide. There is something for every need. In addition, you can change the IP addresses within the selected server, which is an extra protection. The HideMy.name Windows app automatically chooses the Open protocolsVPN TCP & UDP, L2TP, PPTP the ideal for your current purposes.

Best of all, you do not have to "buy the cat in a poke", but you can return HideMy.name for your money for Windows 30 days if you're not too happy.

So you can start right away:
  • Install the HideMy.name Windows app and start the VPN
  • Choose your preferred server and connect with just a single click.
  • Already you benefit from anonymous and secure internet.

Quick Overview hideMy.name VPN

  • No log files, no data query - absolute anonymity
  • Headquarters in Russia / Panama
  • Great value for money
  • Very good speeds
  • Very easy to act
  • Not available in German
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HideMy.name connect with one click

HideMy.name connect with one click

Confirm HideMy.name - Code

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Compatible operating systems Windows 10 , Windows 8 , Windows 7
Program Type Trial version (try 30 days for free)
Purchase price 2.5 EUR
Language English
number of Downloads12.469
filesize6,96 MB
Manufacturer/Model HideMy.name VPN
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Hidemy.Name Windows HideMy.name Windows - a service from Russia / Panama

HideMy.name VPN is a Russian provider that was formerly known as InCloak. The service based in Panama attaches great importance to the privacy of its users and also does its HideMy.name Windows Downloads some for it. So you do not even have to buy HideMy.name VPN Specify personal information in Windows and generally no data is stored at all.

No record keeping in Panama

The company headquarters Panama has the advantage that there are no record obligations for user activities and correspondingly with any inquiries, etc., nothing can be passed on. For example, this is very different in EU countries because the laws are much stricter.

Absolute anonymity with HideMy.name Windows

In the case of HideMy.name Windows, you can really speak of the highest anonymity and protection for monitoring, but also against warnings for file sharing and streaming. Whatever you do - watch videos, Downloadgaming, surfing, etc. - your identity remains hidden. Your privacy is not at the expense of speed, which is also very good.

HideMy.name Windows once downloaden - Protection for all devices

The HideMy.name Windows Download provides users with a single account access to all devices, including Smart TV or game consoles (but 5 maximum connectivity at the same time). You can your home or your family so complete with a secure connection, To do this, the provider uses strong encryption methods for all your data that you send and receive. At the same time, encryption also provides protection against interception of passwords, e-mails, payment information etc.

Freedom wherever you are

Due to geographical restrictions and restrictions of some governments like those in China, not all internet content is available everywhere. With HideMy.name Windows you can remove these locks and move freely online wherever you are. Because you can just have one VPNSelect servers that are positioned in the appropriate / allowed country. So, for example, even if you're on holiday in Majorca you can watch German TV if you choose a German server. Without the appropriate HideMy.name Download Windows is not able to do this!

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