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HideMy.name VPN for MacBook & iMac

HideMy.name VPN macOS gives you complete protection for your data when you're on the go with your MacBook or iMac. HideMy.name VPN macOS works with the common protocol IKEv2 and encrypts all data transmitted and received by you. This means that you enjoy privacy when surfing, playing games, streaming, filesharing, etc. In addition, your passwords, payment details, e-mails ... are protected from hackers because they can not be intercepted.

How it works:

  • Get the HideMy.name right here VPN Download for macOS.
  • Once you've downloaded and run or installed the file, HideMy.name is VPN already ready for use.
  • Choose one of the offered servers in your desired country (almost 100 servers in more than 40 countries are available) and connect. With just one click you are protected on the Internet, you do not have to make any further settings.
The status of the server is automatically updated, the IP addresses are changed in the server. You can also change them quickly and easily yourself.

If you change your mind, no topic: HideMy.name VPN Offers an 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. So you can try it out and finally decide.

Quick Overview HideMy.name VPN

  • No log files, no data query - absolute anonymity
  • Headquarters in Russia / Panama
  • Great value for money
  • Very good speeds
  • Very easy to act
  • Not available in German
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Confirm HideMy.name - Code

Confirm HideMy.name - Code

HideMy.name connect with one click

HideMy.name connect with one click

HideMy.name associated with Germany

HideMy.name associated with Germany


Compatible operating systems Mac OS X
Program Type Paid
Purchase price 3 EUR
Language English
number of Downloads16.780
filesize2,49 MB
Manufacturer/Model HideMy.name VPN
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HideMy.name macOS - Russian provider based in Panama

For more than 9 years HideMy.name provides VPN - formerly InCloak VPN - for more privacy of Internet users. The provider from Russia based in Panama is not just an empty advertising promise: HideMy.name VPN In fact, macOS and all other applications provide the highest level of protection: the provider requires absolutely no data from its customers. Not even an e-mail address for logging in to HideMy.name VPN Download!

HideMy.name macOS protects against the "14 eyes"

Logical consequence of this attitude: one VPN Providers who have no data cannot pass on any data. Especially since Panama of course has no corresponding agreements with EU and US authorities or has to comply with laws. And Panama is also not included in the "14 Eyes" surveillance network. So your anonymity is with a HideMy.name macOS Download secured. There is no connection between your real identity and your use.

With the HideMy.name macOS Download Do you ensure a lot of performance for little money?

And a HideMy.name macOS is also convincing Download in use: The speeds are excellent and offer good opportunities for streaming and data transfers. Especially since anonymity also plays an important role in these two fields of application. Because with HideMy.name macOS you are safe from warnings, because the provider cannot pass on your data (and shouldn't have to). The provider is also very well priced. For really little money you get a very good service with HideMy.name macOS.

Cheap provider with easy operation

Speaking of service: The company also advertises its customer service, which should surpass the expectations of users. Generally, HideMy.name is tracking VPN according to its own statements, a quality philosophy. As we got to know the provider and its applications like HideMy.name macOS during our tests, this certainly applies to the ideal combination of privacy, speed and ease of use.

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