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HideMy.name VPN Android also offers you smartphone anonymity, freedom and security. By connecting with the VPN All encrypted data is encrypted, your privacy on your smartphone is maintained and all geographic boundaries wiped out. The installation and use of HideMy.name VPN Android is not difficult either (and you also have an 30-day return guarantee!):

  • Lead the HideMy.name here VPN Download through to get the Android app.
  • Give yours Code (Test or payable) in the program box and click Enter.
  • The intuitive user interface shows you only the most important information and you will not be flooded with unnecessary things.
  • Connect with one Server in your desired country - one click is enough.
  • The service is very user friendly and easy. You see exactly if the connection was successful and the program runs smoothly. You also have the option of selecting the IP address for each server.
  • When connected, all applications will automatically receive a new IP address and one secure tunnel for the internet connection.

Quick Overview HideMy.name VPN for Android

  • No log files, no data query - absolute anonymity
  • Headquarters in Russia / Panama
  • Great value for money
  • Very good speeds
  • Very easy to act
  • Not available in German
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Already you are with your HideMy.name VPN Connected to Android!

That's how fast you are with HideMy.name VPN connected for Android!

Now you just have to connect to your desired server.

Select server and connect

The HideMy.name VPN Download works with codes instead of your data.

HideMy.name works with codes instead of data


Compatible operating systems Android
Program Type Freeware
Purchase price 2.5 EUR
Language English
number of Downloads26.545
filesize25,21 MB
Manufacturer/Model HideMy.name VPN
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categorySafety | Surf anonymously

HideMy.name AndroidHideMy.name Android provider from Panama with high anonymity

If you value your privacy, you're using a HideMy.name VPN Download well advised. Because the provider from Russia, which has its location in Panama, is also a big fan of the anonymity of its users. Unlike other providers, the applications are just like HidyMy.name VPN Android actually secured really well and provide real anonymity.

HideMy.name Android does not record any data

This starts with the registration for HideMy.name VPN Android: You do not need to enter your name, e-mail address, or password. Instead, HideMy.name works only with one-time codes that allow you to log in to the provider. He is never in possession of your data and can not pass them on.

HideMy.name Android Download and be safe from government inquiries

Wouldn't be legally possible - because the seat in Panama makes HideMy.name safe from authorities from America or Europe as well as the so-called "14 Eyes". Because they have no right to a company in Panama having to pass on data. That HideMy.name VPN No user data and no activity recorded (no log policy) is perfect, of course - double keeps you better. And especially when it comes to your privacy, the security level can never be too high.

Super cheap despite very good performance

Privacy is very important to HideMy.name Android. And in other respects, our in-depth tests have shown that the provider is quite capable. Despite the unusually low costs. The speeds offer enough options for streaming and file sharing with HideMy.name VPN. A warnings you do not have to worry about it anyway, as explained above.

Surf the world without limits with HideMy.name Android

And of course, HideMy.name provides VPN Android also means that you can use your smartphone to surf all the content you want anywhere in the world. This also applies to various popular applications such as Skype, hulu, Xbox Live, BBC and more. With the HideMy.name Android Download Almost 100 servers are available in 70 cities in 46 countries. The provider indicates, however, to work steadily on further expansion.

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