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Hide.me VPN easy for Mac downloadand get started!

Hide.me VPN offers for all popular Mac versions a software that is built on all operating systems the same and is also very easy to use. You just need to download the software for the Mac and then you can connect directly with one VPNConnect server. Everything without having to sign up. - Because the service is completely free! You get 500 MB data transfer limit, which can be renewed every two weeks. And access to 5 server locations.

There is also a paid version of the software from Hide.me VPN for Windows. This of course includes some more features like unlimited bandwidth and many more locations.

Language versions of the software are many!

The Download the saferVPNApp for Windows includes 19 different languages ​​to choose from. Including German, English and Spanish.

Merits of Hide.me VPN

  • available for free
  • Top customer service
  • good speeds
  • Auto Connect
  • Kill Switch
  • and more ..

Brief Overview Hide.me VPN

  • Top Customer
  • Very good speeds
  • Ideal for file sharing, torrent & streaming
  • Headquarters Malaysia - no access to data by European authorities
  • Very many payment options
  • Higher price
  • Hide.me VPN saves log files (though no details)
  • Not extremely many available countries
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Pictures of the application

Hide.me Locations

Hide.me Locations

Connected to France

Connected to France

Settings and information from Hide.me VPN

Settings and information from Hide.me VPN

Software settings from Hide.me VPN

Software settings from Hide.me VPN


Compatible operating systems Mac OS X
Program Type Freeware
Purchase price 5 EUR
Language German , English
number of Downloads14.395
filesize28,73 MB
Manufacturer/Model eVenture
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categorySafety | Surf anonymously

Hide.me MacOSMeets the saying "Fastest VPN the world ” Hide.me macOS too?

The first thing that one naturally thinks of here are such slogans, which are usually exaggerated and do not correspond to the truth. However, the Hide.me macOS software really keep up very well in terms of speed. The connection to the server is stable and even qualitative streaming is possible over a longer period of time. Torrenting is also not a problem and runs constantly.

Malaysia as a safe haven

Malaysia is the provider's corporate location Hide.me VPN. User logs are not saved there because there are no legal requirements for this in Malaysia. The company encrypts all of the data using 256-bit encryption that is used by banks and governments worldwide. So there is no need to worry about anonymity. Also offers Hide.me VPN the best known and safest VPNProtocols, like OpenVPN, IEKv2, SSTP and SoftEtherVPN.

Hide.me macOS - completely free!

Hide.me macOS can be used completely free of charge. This gives you access to five different ones VPNLocations and also 500 MB data transfer limit, which can be renewed every 2 weeks.

The service is constantly working on innovations in the app so that it can always provide its customers with the best performance. For this reason, the software for macOS has recently included all the important components that a VPNVendors should have on offer. For example, "kill switch", "stealth guard" and "split tunnel". (This feature is responsible for accessing different apps VPNProhibit connection)

There is also a paid version

With the paid version of Hide.me VPN you can choose different subscription plans between 3. Each comes with an 30 daily money back guarantee. In addition, you can use 5 devices simultaneously with a user account and between 57 VPNSelect locations.

Cost of subscriptions

Inexpensive is different .. However Hide.me macOS really has a lot to offer and is a relatively good one VPN-Providers. You can try the service for free and see what you think about it.

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