Instructions for ZorroVPN use with Viscosity Mac or Windows!

ZorroVPN is certainly one of the best VPN Provider worldwide. However, the service focuses on the advancement of its server technology and offers no own software for it. The customer service but also helps with TeamViewer and also offers a whole series of well-illustrated instructions. We have created a guide for our readers completely in German. Who the provider ZorroVPN I would also like to do this for free.

FoxVPN Try it for free:

  1. FoxVPN open via THIS LINK
  2. Choose the 1 month tariff.
  3. The discount code: “VAVT10" enter
  4. Payment method Select Bitcoin
  5. After confirming (DO NOT PAY!!!) a customer account is created.
  6. Call Customer Service via Skype ( or e-mail (
  7. The customer service will immediately activate the service for you for 3 days free of charge!

Instructions “step by step” ZorroVPN with Viscosity

To ZorroVPN to be able to use different methods are available. The most comfortable option is certainly the OpenVPN Program "Viscosity". This program can be downloaded at any time in a 30 day free version. The version costs $ 9 once and is available for Mac OSX as well as for Windows. The device is largely identical.

TIP: Instructions for the “KillSwitch” function with Vicosity VPN



TIP: Instructions for the “KillSwitch” function with Vicosity VPN

Created on:06/24/2016

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