Instructions: How to get the VPN Can test speed!

Quite often I have the experience that many users have one VPNService, but this is simply poorly adapted to your device and therefore slow. In addition, the speed tests are not performed in a straightforward way. Therefore, I would like to give a few hints and instructions to your own VPN-Service to review and optimize.

VPN Test speed!

To the speed of the VPN-ServiceTo check s and to be able to compare them with direct internet access, the appropriate framework conditions must be in place. It makes no sense to use different servers to check the transmission from your own device.

In general, a speed test on the Internet is always very simple. Data is sent back and forth between your device and a destination server, and time is measured. The result is a value describing the speed of data transmission.

For example: 500 kb / s. This means that 500 kilobytes of data per second were transferred between your device and the target server (test server). Most of the time, the speed is given in MB / s, which only means 1024 kilobytes is 1 megabyte of data. So 500kb / s is about 0,49MB / s

There are basically two different types of test servers.

Test server with the Internet provider

Some of them are often used by internet providers for their customers, who usually have the test server directly between the physical connection to the provider and the Internet. So it only measures data on the physical connection between you and your ISP. This always brings the best results. If you use this test but now with an active VPNMake connection, according to these test results will turn out very bad. The reason is simply that through the VPN Connect the data first to your internet provider, then go to VPN-Server be sent and from this then back to the test server of your Internet provider must. Anyone who can follow me until then, will quickly realize that this can not be a really suitable comparison.

Test server on the Internet

Other test servers are provided by platforms such as Many private providers take part there, making “test servers” available in thousands of places around the world. What you can do with it is to measure the speed between your device, via your internet service provider, via the internet to a certain location (test server location). Of course, this corresponds much more to a practical comparison. What you have to keep in mind is that the location of the test server will of course be just as important as the test server itself. You can easily check this yourself, try using different test servers in Frankfurt, for example. You will see that there are blatant differences to be observed.

What influences the test results?

  • Location of your own device
  • Location of the test server
  • Quality of the test server
  • Utilization of the connections over the Internet (many routers of different providers make the Internet) The utilization is certainly dependent on the distance as well as times of the day, weekdays and so on.

One has to consider these factors by a comparable test arrangement between direct connections or VPNConnections.

How can you do that VPN-Service check now?

Because of the previous factors, I therefore recommend comparing tests. So always have a test VPNConnection and a test run WITHOUT VPNConnection, always on the same test server and timely consecutively. This brings even the most accurate comparison to conditions. It is important that the test server from VPN Server as well as your own location in something equidistant away and on similar or identical routes on the Internet is removed.

A bad test procedure, or "As it should not be!"

The example should demonstrate what to look for in order to achieve a fair and ultimately fit comparison.

  • Own location Frankfurt
  • Test server location Frankfurt
  • VPNServer location USA

The direct connection from you to the test server will now be:

  • Your location in Frankfurt> Internet provider in Frankfurt> Test server in Frankfurt
    Route Estimation: 20km

The VPN Connection will be as follows:

  • Your location in Frankfurt> Internet provider in Frankfurt> VPN Server in the USA (more precisely: Frankfurt, Great Britain, Atlantic, New York, destination in the USA)> Test server in Frankfurt
    Distance estimate: 20.000km
Test presentation and comparison at speed
Test speed correctly

The insight from this example is therefore:
"Use a test server exactly where yours too VPN Server is!"

So you can rule out that the two compounds to be compared will be different lengths.

Instructions for testing the VPN-Services!

Instructions test speed

Connect with yours VPN

Connect with yours VPN- Users to the location closest to the city Frankfurt is. With many services you can only see the country "GermanyChoose ”, then use this selection.

test page

Open the speed test page:

Select a different test server with the location selector (down arrow).

Select the test server

In the window that opens, you can go to “Leaseweb" search. Choose the test server that is in “Frankfurt”Is located.

Start speed test

After selecting, the window is closed and you can start the speed test.

Copy link

After completing the test, you can use “Copy link" to back up. This keeps you a version of the result that you can later compare with another result.

Finish the current one VPN-Connection

So break this connection. If you're using a router, just separate that VPN Profile, use the router as before so as not to change the local connections. Any change would falsify the result and make it no longer comparable.

Start speed test

Run the exact same test and the exact same test server “Leaseweb in Frankfurt” again.

You can now compare the values

Note that there are deviations in Download/ Upload of up to 15% normal and can also occur due to fluctuating bandwidths on the Internet. If the deviations are greater than +/- 15%, you should also consider others VPN-Test protocols the same way. Possibly also other devices, e.g. B include a smartphone with the same test scenario.

Compare and analyze results

There are roughly three results that can appear here:

  1. Speed ​​comparisons (MIT VPN and without VPN) are +/- 10% identical
    It should be so!
  2. Speed ​​comparisons (MIT VPN and without VPN) deviate by more than 10%:
    - If WITHOUT VPN faster, then it can be yours VPNConfiguration or the provider)
    - If MIT VPN faster, then it may be because your Internet service provider is slowing you down.

If the results in a direct comparison differ more than 15% I would repeat the test again. At least two times more than 2h apart. So do another test immediately with comparison and 2h later again.

VPN Recognize connection problems

If it is confirmed that the performance is above your VPN-Service so far it can be due to several factors:

  • VPN Servers are slow or overloaded
  • You use one VPN Protocol that is hindered by your Internet service provider, or a firewall (router or on your device).
  • A configuration or third-party software on your device prevents a better transmission speed

But I can tell you from my experience:
In 9 of 10 cases it depends on the device or the settings of the user!

I have only very rarely experienced that actually the connection or the VPNVendors were the cause of the problem. The most common problems were caused by "optimization programs" such as CCleaner, Total Security 360, Kaspersky Internet Security etc. that were used or installed beforehand.

Tip to find out if this is the same with you:

You can do that VPN Install service once on another device or mobile phone and on the same Internet connection and the same VPN-Server and the same test server at test!

Is there a major difference between your devices to notice. Then please reset your computer. In most cases, these alleged security applications have destroyed sensitive parts of the Windows device and they are irreparably damaged. Only a reinstallation helps.

Created on:09/26/2016

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