Instructions: Viscosity OpenVPN Software error message after update to 1.6.8

Viscosity for OpenVPN has in its latest version 1.6.8 a security check integrated which an error message / warning when using common OpenVPN Triggers configurations.

Error message: “Error: Unsafe OpenVPN command detected ”


Viscosity OpenVPN Error message
Viscosity OpenVPN Error message




This error message is due to the fact that many openVPN Configurations also change local settings of the device for safety. For example, connections are blocked if one VPN Tunnel quits unexpectedly or all data is sent through the VPN Tunnel forced. This "OpenVPN commands”Normally increase the safety of use, but since the last update to version 1.6.8 they have been understood as an abnormal intervention. Hence this warning notice.

You can, however, permanently clear this warning notice by allowing the scripts to be executed under “Settings / Advanced”.

Instructions Allow Viscosity 1.6.8 script execution
Allow Viscosity 1.6.8 script execution

Who you are in the advanced settings "Insecure OpenVPN Allow commands”Is selected, then information appears again, which can usually be confirmed without safety concerns.

This will no longer block the execution of these commands.


Created on:02/14/2017

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