Speed ​​problem with Perfect-Privacy VPN & Kaspersky - the solution!

Many Perfect-Privacy VPN User complain about a problem that seems to be inexplicable. The speed suddenly becomes inexplicably slow with the use of PP Manager. It is not easy to come to one of the most obvious things. However, many do not know how firewalls work on Windows PCs. I try in a short explanation here and describe how you the problem, which is actually the cause of the Kaspersky firewall function has to do to solve.

So Windows has a built-in firewall that "Standard Windows Firewall"This can be found in the Control Panel or simply type in" Firewall "somewhere. In case if you also have a Kaspersky Internet Security solution installed, the following happens:

  1. Kaspersky Firewall sets some rules in the "standard windows firewall" and activates a field in the configuration, which will in the future show this firewall as "disabled". But she is not!
  2. Although no new rules can be made in the "standard firewall" anymore, the existing rules remain.
  3. The Kaspersky firewall is based on a multi-tiered set of rules, which means that block rules are not simply executed, but that the data packets are also analyzed individually in the case of a "detected threat". That sounds great it is in practice in interaction with other firewalls by no means. But later.
  4. The Perfect-Privacy VPN - Manager "VPNClient "has the option under the" Firewall & DNS Protection "settings to enable. De facto, the PP manager is therefore active in setting these two protective measures "rules in the" default firewall "which is actually disabled. The PP manager does this because it is the easiest way to safely organize some PC leaks.
  5. Now you have both rules in the application, so Kaspersky rules + the Kaspersky rules in the "standard firewall" and the new rules of the PP manager in the "standard firewall" so there are problems then exactly. The consequence is explained briefly:
  6. OpenVPN Data packets when they are sent, are confirmed with three small return packets as confirmed (received). Kaspersky is beginning to analyze these "return packets", and this process takes so long because the number of packets grows as the data speed increases. But before receiving a successful response sends OpenVPN no new data packets. Therefore, the system slows down to very low values. (5-10MB / s, instead of 80-100MB / s option)

Ok, I just wanted to describe it, but the real short form is:

If you use Windows with a Kaspersky Firewall feature, then you have two firewalls active. This is not good. You therefore have to decide, because this double game can also have security-related disadvantages.

I recommend to disable the Kaspersky Firewall at this point, both functions are related to it.

Instructions: Fix problems with duplicate firewall with Kaspersky and PP-Manager!

  1. Exit the program "Perfect-Privacy VPN Manager "(PP Manager)!

  2. Disable the two firewall entries under the settings in the program Kaspersky!

Kaspersky Firewall and Perfect-Privacy VPN Manager
Kaspersky Firewall and Perfect-Privacy VPN Manager

Kaspersky Firewall and Perfect-Privacy VPN Manager 2
Kaspersky Firewall and Perfect-Privacy VPN Manager 2

3. Reset the Windows "Default Firewall" to "Standard". (IMPORTANT!)

Speed ​​problem with Perfect-Privacy VPN & Kaspersky - the solution! 1

> System settings
> Windows Firewall
> Restore default
> Restore default CONFIRM

4. Start the PP Manager and configure the two firewall & DNS rules

PP Manager with Firewall & DNS Rules
PP Manager with Firewall & DNS Rules

Now you will when you check the speed of the connections Perfect-Privacy VPN is already measuring a noticeable difference. And I have to emphasize that: Do not you have any security disadvantages to fear! The "standard Windows Firewall" and especially with the configuration by the PP-Manager is absolutely safe, even if it works much more unspectacular in the background!

Created on:05/01/2017

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