Football live on Tuesday: Watch the UEFA Champions League abroad - this is how it works!

On the 22. In October, the UEFA Champions League will enter the next round! Of course, you want to be there at all costs, even if you're not in Germany at the moment. It's just a shame that DAZN is actually well prepared for the UEFA Champions League - but DAZN abroad only offers you the DAZN error code instead of football live ... See UEFA Champions League abroad

Are you already curious how the games on October 22nd with Bayern & Co will end? We definitely do! That's why we have already made a plan of which of our favorite teams we want to cheer on, have bought chips and beer and of course have the access data for our DAZN account at hand. Have you already done everything too? Perfect. However, if you are not in Germany on Tuesday, this best preparation will not help you. Because DAZN abroad is an impossibility.

UEFA Champions League abroad delivers DAZN error code instead of football live

Why is that, you ask? If you've never been confronted with the DAZN error code 65_075_403, just try what happens to DAZN overseas. If you do not have a German IP address, you can not stream despite the upright DAZN account! This is to blame complicated licensing conditions. What may be streamed in Germany at DAZN is not allowed elsewhere.

DAZN abroad detects IP addresses of most VPNs

Okay, you might say that. Then I'll just turn mine on VPN and it's already working out with the UEFA Champions League abroad. Would be nice. Because DAZN and other video portals such as Sky, Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, are now in the layers, IP addresses of VPNMake out servers. And so DAZN will also be abroad VPN prevented.

Surfshark VPN allows UEFA Champions League abroad

Sure, that neither user nor VPN Provider happy with it. That's why a few have become innovative VPNs considered new technical ways of bypassing the barriers of DAZN abroad. One of them is Surfshark VPN, With this absolute top newcomer 2019 you can easily see the UEFA Champions League abroad. And everything else that you would like to stream abroad with DAZN.

Instructions: DAZN abroad with Surfshark VPN see

In the following video we show you how it works with Surfshark VPN and DAZN works abroad. Imitation wanted!
Football live on Tuesday: See UEFA Champions League abroad - this is how it works! 1

Schedule for Tuesday: Which games will you watch?

Now you are ready for the UEFA Champions League abroad. Now you just have to decide on "your" favorites. As a small support here are all the games on the 22. October by DAZN be streamed live. Have fun!

  • 18: 00 Watch: Group C - Shakhtar Donetsk Vs. Dinamo Zagreb
  • 18: 55 Clock: Group D - Atlético Vs. Leverkusen
  • 21: 00 Clock: Group A - Club Brugge vs. Paris
  • 21: 00 Watch: Group A - Galatasaray Vs. real Madrid
  • 21: 00 Clock: Group B - Olympiacos vs. Bavaria
  • 21: 00 O'clock: Group B - Tottenham Vs. Crvena Zvezda
  • 21: 00 Clock: Group C - Man. City Vs. Atalanta
  • 21: 00 Clock: Group D - Juventus Vs. Locomotive Moskva
You can find more information about the UEFA Champions League here.

Created on:10/18/2019

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