Watch Amazon Prime Video Abroad with VyprVPN (Manual)

How To See Amazon Prime Video Abroad!

Many of my readers also have the desire to see in the Amazon Prime membership included video subscription abroad. This usually requires a few steps. Like other video portals, Amazon blocks the use of video content from abroad. This applies to all premium content and is necessary due to copyright obligations.

With a VPN Service can be geographic locks around, but the copyright owners have already found out. That's why video portals have to VPN Exclude services from use of the content. Resourceful services, however, have found ways to prefer the portals, none at all VPN To be service.

Most VPN Services are recognized on Amazon Prime Video!

If a service is detected on the video portal, then it is not possible for the user to display the content. Users will then see the following options hidden.

Amazon Prime Video content hidden
Amazon Prime Video content hidden

Hence it is a question of VPN Services that have to adapt to the German situation and Amazon Video in order not to be blocked. There is currently hardly any selection here.

Amazon Prime Video Abroad!

Amazon apps also work VPN only on certain devices

There are very few at the moment VPN Services that can be used to bypass Amazon Video's geographic locks. And these services do not offer this possibility on all devices.

Which device can with a VPN Service connected, with which video portal are used?

Win / macOS


iPhone / iPad

Android devices



Amazon Prime Video (DE)OKNoOKOKNoNo

First you should clarify whether the chosen one VPN Service is blocked on the platforms you use:

Which one VPN Service is compatible with Amazon Prime Video?

Instructions for Amazon Prime Video abroad:

The only one at the moment VPN The service that also enables Amazon Prime Video to be used abroad is VyprVPN (VyprVPN Review) The Swiss provider specializes in German TV and video portals and is currently the only one that reliably enables Amazon Prime Video abroad.

VyprVPN for streaming

Streaming TV and video content
Use on the home router
Use with KODI
FireTV app
Avoid warnings
Supported streaming platformsNetflixAmazon VideoDAZN (EN)SkyEurosportmaxdomezattoo (CH)TVNowARD (EN)ZDF (DE)BR DE)N24 (EN)MDR (EN)rbbWDR (DE)Arte DE)3Sat (EN)Pro7 (EN)Sat1 (EN)Cable1 (EN)Disney + (DE)MagentaTV (DE)ORF (AT)SRF (CH)Servus TV (DE, AT, CH)

German portals:

Video Tutorial:

Watch Amazon Prime Video Abroad with VyprVPN (Instructions) 1

Step by step instructions:

1) Therefore, you must first set up an account with the provider.

Costs / tariffs
Free use
Tariff (1 month)12.95 EUR
Tariff (12 months)45 EUR (per month 3.75 EUR)
Tariff (24 months)60 EUR (per month 2.5 EUR)
Number of concurrent connections per account5
test optionsRefund warranty

You can try out the service for 30 days without risk, if you are not satisfied with it, you can simply cancel the service in the customer area under the menu item "Account" and you will get the prepaid money back within a few days. This is completely automatic and easy.

VyprVPN order

Amazon Prime Video Abroad with VyprVPN use

VyprVPN Create Account

You can create an account with VyprVPN create directly here: VyprVPN order

Load and install software

You can use the VyprVPN Download applications for all devices from the provider's website: VyprVPN Download

Login with VyprVPN access data

After installation, you log in with your username (email) + your password.

Log in to the software

Use your user data to log in

Search for the "German" location

Connect with a click to the desired location “Germany” or “Germany”

Connection established

As soon as the connection is established, you will see this in the application. Your data will now be sent and received via this location.

Watch Amazon Prime Video

Open Amazon Prime Video in the browser and use the service as if you were in Germany without restrictions.

Frequently asked questions about Amazon abroad

How to watch Amazon Prime Video abroad?

Amazon Prime Video blocks all users outside of Germany and Austria. Most of them VPN are blocked. With VyprVPN and our instructions it is still possible to watch Amazon video, no matter where you are.

Geographic locks work around with VPN

VPN Bypass geo-IP locks!
VPN Bypass geo-IP locks!

This method is based on the use of VPNLocations in different places around the world. Similar to a company network, users' data via secure connections becomes one VPNServer sent and received over it. This method is also used for data security, for example, abroad or using public Wifi networks and is also recommended by public security agencies.

Amazon Prime Video can also be seen abroad!

VPN-Service use is not illegal!

The use of a VPN Services is not prohibited and prevents data manipulation in insecure networks such as the Internet.

Therefore, private and business users are always free to use these services. Only in some states VPNUsers are bound by certain rules, for example in China. However, the use is there for foreigners a quite effective means to get free access to the Internet.

Created on:09/10/2019

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