Shellfire VPN + Shellfire Box test report

Shellfire VPN & Shellfire Box

3.96 EUR







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  • Shellfire Box enables very simple connection of all devices with one VPN
  • Good value for money
  • Everything in German
  • Bank debit also possible in Germany
  • Free fare available


  • Optimization requirements for the functions
  • German provider - but denies to pass on data in government inquiries (because he saves nothing)
Connections per account5
Tariff (1 month)8.76 EUR
Tariff (12 months)63.96 EUR (per month 5.33 EUR)
Tariff (24 months)95.12 EUR (per month 3.96 EUR)
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VPN-Makers (hopefully) attach great importance to the security of their users. Shellfire VPN goes one step further and has developed an extra tool for the comfort of its users. We have them Shellfire Box and of course the associated one Shellfire VPN looked closer. What's up with the little "miracle thing" - and would it be something for you?

Why complicated when it just works? This applies to many things in life and also - or especially - for VPNs. Lay people in particular want uncomplicated handling in order to optimally protect their privacy. At this request Shellfire responded with the development of a small WLAN box. The Shellfire Box is a really simple tool to automatically create a PPTP VPN-Connect. You can use it to push your entire apartment or all of your devices with the push of a button Shellfire VPN to secure. For this server you are then available in 29 countries and even a free tariff. But more on that later.

The Shellfire Box protected your privacy at the touch of a button

So unexciting, so ingenious: the Shellfire Box is actually nothing more than a simple WLan router in mini format, which scores through easy operation. You simply select your server and you will be up to it in no time VPN connected and online. Well, that would work without the box.

Shellfire VPN WiFi box

Really all devices can with the Shellfire VPN get connected!

But it also adds that you can really wash all your devices in one wash Shellfire VPN You can also connect TV sets, AppleTV, games consoles, etc. These can not be otherwise with one VPN connect. So really practical and not expensive: The Shellfire Box costs around 25 euros. However, you can only with Shellfire VPN be used. Alternatively, of course, there is the possibility that VPN connect yourself to a router and build a home network. You can find out more in our instructions: WLAN router with VPN use!

A few minutes and the Shellfire Box is ready to go

Of course this is a bit more complex and does not work with everyone VPN Providers. The Shellfire VPN Box, however, is already configured in advance for you and is from the 1. Seconds encrypted authenticated. As a protocol, the box uses OpenVPN and thus guarantees your protection against data retention and manipulation by third parties. Your IP address always remains anonymous. As far as the range is concerned, you can use the Shellfire VPN Box cover an apartment with up to 100 m2. All devices connected to the WLan will be automatically connected to the VPN connected! So you can, for example, with your SmartTV georestrictions of z. Netflix, Sky, Amazon Video, etc., and stream foreign content that would otherwise be blocked.

Shellfire VPN: small functionality

The Shellfire Box is one. Of course, you also need the right one VPN. And, ours has Shellfire VPN Test results are a good - if not outstanding - solution. The service is available for various devices - such as Windows, Android, iOS or Mac. The apps are okay to use, but only offer a small range of functions and have potential for optimization. For example, no kill switch and no malware blocker are available. Which is not surprising, of course, because behind Shellfire VPN is a rather small team from Germany and not a giant group. So yes, the development of the box was not completely self-financed, but helped via crowdfunding (good idea!

German provider - German legislation

As mentioned earlier Shellfire from Germany. This means that the provider is of course subject to German legislation and would have to provide information in the event of inquiries from the authorities. If he had data to share - that is denied ShellfireVPN but. According to them, absolutely nothing is logged on the servers and there is nothing to do with that Shellfire VPN could pass on. The transfer of data also takes place via OpenVPN instead of what is very safe. Nevertheless, we would not rely on you to remain completely anonymous. You shouldn't file sharing and torrent Shellfire VPN use. Otherwise, warnings could threaten. As far as streaming is concerned, this is allowed and possible (as opposed to file sharing) on ​​all available servers.
Shellfire VPN Operation

Average speed, but sufficient

The speed of the VPNs were mediocre in our test with 80% of the maximum available bandwidth. This is partly due to the OpenVPN Encryption, on the other hand, seems Shellfire but also to have speed limits on his own servers. Especially in the premium tariff, these reductions should not be noticed.

Shellfire VPN & Shellfire Box prices

You can get that Shellfire You don't have to put a box on. It is also possible only Shellfire VPN to use. You can only use the box, however Shellfire VPN use. The purchase of both in combination is therefore already worth considering and in total also cheaper.

Shellfire VPN use for free:

  • 128 bit encryption
  • Speeds up to max. 1.000 kbit / sec
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Servers in 2 countries (Germany, USA)

Shellfire VPN Test report conclusion

Shellfire has with his Shellfire Box for all users an essential step to the simple and cross-device use of one VPNs set in the entire household. A great idea! In addition, the associated Shellfire VPN inexpensive and easy to use, a good way to query foreign content. A drop of bitterness is of course Germany as a business location. Because by law Shellfire obliged to provide data (warnings!). However, the provider claims not to collect this data from its users in the first place and therefore definitely not to be able to pass it on. Even on the functions can Shellfire surely still work. But all in all, they are both VPN Service as well as the box thoroughly recommended.

Created on:09/15/2019

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