Review: - Who is behind it?

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  • No information available to the operators
  • No legal protection against the operator
  • Own application available only for Windows.
  • Only payment methods that do not allow inference to the operator
  • We can not evaluate compliance with standards for data protection without knowing data about operators.

I was often asked if I had the VPNProvider know. According to my readers, "A really great one VPN Service and offers absolute anonymity. ". Of course, this is a reason for me to take a closer look at this provider.

Who is behind it?

The first thing that strikes you is that the provider does not indicate a company identification, not even a location of the establishment. Imprint is missing here completely. This is of course already a special situation, if one therefore does not know who actually operates the service and according to which legal framework this is also to be evaluated.

Of course, a provider without an imprint always means a certain risk for the integrity of the use!

Business locationUnknown, no persons or company known.
Server locationsLocations in 24 different states more than 30 + available active servers
language versionsEnglish
VPNprotocolsOpenVPN UDP & TCP up to 256-bit, SOCKS5 proxy, STunnel
File sharingReview: - Who is behind it? 1
VoIPReview: - Who is behind it? 1
DNS leakReview: - Who is behind it? 1Only with client for Windows
IP LeakReview: - Who is behind it? 1Only with client for Windows
WebRTC leakReview: - Who is behind it? 1Only with client for Windows
Windows Logon LeakReview: - Who is behind it? 6No protection
logfilesReview: - Who is behind it? 6Contrary to the statements of the supplier are on the VPNServers very well logs the login and logout times of users with their real IP addresses.
access softwareNo own access software available. But instructions and also help by the customer service. Consistent security through open software in use.
Special functionsSTunnel, Socks5 Proxy, software only for Windows devices, otherwise free solutions for OpenVPN
Prices1 month € 11,50 / 6 months € 53 / 12 months € 95 (~ € 7,95 / month)

The technology - server uses rented servers in various locations worldwide and offers only Open in addition to SOCKS5 Proxy and STunnelVPN as a connection protocol. While this is a very secure standard, it requires access to free software, which significantly reduces its applicability to most users. Basically, is compatible with providers like this FoxVPN comparable. However, this provider offers the much larger server selection and, more importantly, also VPNCascades on. The server of also provides a normal and expected performance, so the loss is openVPN typical at 5-10% of the bandwidth, which is absolutely normal and can also close to not overly busy server. only offers access via OpenVPN and simple VPN Server.

Prices & Payment Methods

The provider offers a variety of payment options and these are primarily designed so that even a payment is possible without the provider itself must reveal his identity. Which clearly indicates two things: The provider does not pay taxes or he has something to hide. An anonymous form of payment does not bring any benefits to users, as the use of a VPN Servers is always publicly known anyway (connection of the user to VPNServer is transparent on the Internet) should be more than skeptical. allows payments with Paysafecard, PerfectMoney, Etherum and Bitcoin, (Bitcoin transactions should be eliminated due to the expensive transfer channels) has no contracts with well-known payment service providers, presumably because you have no legal basis for the operation of the service. Alleged benefits arise only for itself, but not for the users.

zeitraumPriceEuro per month
1 Monat10.00 €10.00 €
3 months25.00 €8.33 €
6 months45.00 €7.50 €
1 year75.00 €6.25 €
2 years120.00 €5.00 €
SecureVPN NonLogging proof
SecureVPN NonLogging proof the "No-Logging Proof"

There are commands on Linux that would display this text with these outputs, but it's just no proof that it is. The "authoritative proof" is nothing but a simple representation and has no meaning in the end.

I have therefore made a test that should bring light into the dark and have repeatedly connected to the same IP address to the same server and lo and behold, the server has assigned me in any case, the same internal IP address. That confirms that VPNServer of course uses an internal logfile. It would hardly be otherwise feasible, but it is just surprising that the operators are now condescending to publish and, for the most part, unfortunately only a few skilled users, pictures as evidence.

The alleged proofs are nothing but pictures without meaning! fake holiday pictures fake holiday pictures

My conclusion to

Please keep your fingers off such providers!
There are already enough free providers who actually have no contact data or company data and who then work fraudulently. also does not explain why operators want to remain anonymous. Of course this is not for the benefit of the users, why should that be one if you do not know who to trust? Also are images that should provide evidence that the provider does not use log files not just confidence-building.

For the same money you also get providers that offer much better protection through cascades and also transparent owners and operators have structures.

Created on:12/27/2017

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