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  • Very suitable for file sharing & streaming (US focus!)
  • Very good speeds
  • Protection against warnings
  • Own FireTV app available - simple & uncomplicated
  • faster Downloads through proxy service


  • Not available in German
  • Impersonal customer service

IPVanish review

The different VPN Providers have usually stapled a special highlight to the flags. So also IPVanish VPN. The American provider has made a name for itself as a specialist in streaming & file sharing. We have in our IPVanish VPN Checked what the service really can and of course, how it looks with the privacy of the user.

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Our conclusion on the IPVanish test report

IPVanish comes from the USA and is primarily intended for the target group of American users. The provider offers ideal conditions for file sharing and streaming, but German portals unfortunately block you with it. Netflix DE works well with it abroad. The speed is very good, the privacy is not comprehensive, but okay. With IPVanish VPN you are at least 100% protected against warnings - and that is worth a lot. Since IPVanish was taken over by J2018Global in 2, there are fears that not much will be invested in other functions, but only the service will be maintained. But we like to be convinced of something else!

about the company

As already mentioned, IPVanish specializes in TV and video streaming. However, depending on its location in the USA, the provider is primarily geared towards the target group of American users. In other words, you can easily watch the US versions of Netflix & Co, but unfortunately (as so often) you will be blocked on German portals. Sky, Amazon Video Germany are not working. But you can easily watch Netflix DE abroad with it. The use of the VPNAlthough it is practical for the US, it is not ideal for the German-speaking world.

operating locationUSA
billing locationUSA
Local legislation affects customer protection
Operation and billing separately
Server locations57
No log files
Own DNS server
Virtual Server
Dedicated server
RAM disk server
Owner of the hardware
Owner of the IP addresses

Prices & tariffs

In terms of price, IPVanish is in the upper segment. The prices are fine, because the provider sets no limits on data transfer and speed and offers a good, reliable software and five devices per account can be connected simultaneously. The following rates are currently available:

Costs / tariffs
Free use
Tariff (1 month)4.49 USD
Tariff (3 months)12.11 USD (per month 4.04 USD)
Tariff (12 months)34.99 USD (per month 2.92 USD)
Number of concurrent connections per account10
test optionsRefund warranty

IPVanish VPN Applications: also own FireTV app available!

IPVanish offers applications for all devices. You can connect very quickly and also have advantages such as KillSwitch or automatic change of the IP address. Port forwarding or connectioncascades are however not possible. What particularly stands out at IPVanish is its own app for FireTV, which you can get in the iOS Store. This of course makes it very uncomplicated and easy to use.
IPVanish VPN Applications for all devices
Available protocolsIKEv2L2TP / IPSecOpenVPN (TCP)OpenVPN (UDP)PPTP
Own applications / appsAndroidApple iOSASUSWRTDD-WRTFireTVLinuxMac OSXOpenVPN UDPOpenWRTTomatoWindows
KillSwitch function
Language of the applicationsEnglish

Speed ​​in the test

An essential role for efficient streaming plays the speed of the VPN Server. Again, IPVanish VPN His role as a streaming specialist, as our tests have shown: We went to the whole and streamed for hours with different IPVanish servers VPN, But even this extreme load caused no interruptions and we really got a super speed. IPVanish also offers more than 1.000 servers worldwide, ensuring that you can easily choose a less busy server in case of congestion. True to the motto: Full bandwidth for everyone! Filesharing also worked very well. In addition, IPVanish provides proxy services for faster Download.
Maximum speed tested
Germany | 09.11.2020

Protection & anonymity with IPVanish VPN

If you are looking for absolute anonymity, the location of IPVanish should make you a little skeptical. Because the provider assures that he does not save any log files, but the USA is still the home of NSA & Co. And it is no secret that these foreign users are not particularly well-disposed. However, very few manage VPN Provider to guarantee their users the truly irrefutable anonymity. If you do not have such high standards, IPVanish is quite ok in terms of privacy. The provider uses OpenVPN, L2TP and PPTP, all of which offer good security (especially OpenVPN). In any case, the features of IPVanish protect against spying on public WLANs.

Privacy is not all about privacy

In general, you have to realize that "privacy" in the US is interpreted quite differently than ours. We are much more critical and would not simply accept the United States' usual access to user data by authorities. The Americans, however, see this as a "security gain for the nation" and not as an impairment of their privacy. But - as already described before - US providers are otherwise not as negative, because they protect secured against warnings and do not give data to authorities in Germany, etc. on.
Anonymous on the Internet
Altered virtual location
Protection against requests for information
Gen. Prevent monitoring
Prevent targeted monitoring
No log files
Obfusication (masking)

Streaming & file sharing with IPVanish VPN without danger of warnings

When it comes to streaming and file sharing that plays Risk of warnings always a big role. One VPN must for safe streaming and file sharing or Downloads take appropriate precautions. Here collects IPVanish VPN Plus points. Because warnings are part of civil law and that is where the seat in the US comes in handy. Because here, German authorities bite data on granite, the United States does not release data from citizens. So you don't have to worry about such (often unjustified, but mostly expensive) letters. In general, both streaming and file sharing are allowed on all available IPVanish servers.
Streaming TV and video content
Use on the home router
Use with KODI
FireTV app
Avoid warnings
Supported streaming platformsNetflixEurosportmaxdomezattoo (CH)WaipuJOYNTVNowARD (EN)ZDF (DE)BR DE)N24 (EN)MDR (EN)rbbWDR (DE)Arte DE)3Sat (EN)Pro7 (EN)Sat1 (EN)Cable1 (EN)Disney + (DE)MagentaTV (DE)ORF (AT)SRF (CH)Servus TV (DE, AT, CH)
Supported international streaming platformsDisney + (US)Hulu (US)Amazon Prime Video (US)Netflix (US)Apple TVWatch ESPN (US)Channel 4 (US)NFL Gamepass (US)MLB.tv (US)abc (US)CBS (US)FOX (US)NBCShowtime (US)FLIX (US)epix (US)HBO Now (US)ITV (UK)Eurosport (UK)Sky (UK)BBC iPlayer (UK)Sky News (UK)Bloomberg (UK)BT Sports (UK)Channel 4 (UK)Sky Go (IT)YouTubeSpotifystarz (US)hustlerTV (US)PenthouseTV (US)PlayboyTV (US)

Download & Torrent

File sharing and torrenting are allowed with this service and you can also protect yourself against warnings.

Download and torrent
Torrent usage allowed
Own torrent server
Avoid warnings
Port forwarding

Use on the router

IPVanish offers some applications for VPNRouter! One VPN connecting to a router is a great way to protect the whole family. You do not need to set a lot and every device that is connected to the WLAN can also be protected from the dangers of the Internet.

Operation on VPNClient router
Use on routers
Load balancing
Fail-safe operation
Own router application
Compatible withASUSGl-iNetDD-WRTTomatoVilfo router

Gaming with IPVanish

Xbox and Playstation applications VPN-Service on offer. In addition, the latency times are low and you can easily play your favorite games without having to worry!

Online Gaming
Low latency
Use on game consolesPlayStationXBox
DDoS protection

VPN to travel

The use of IPVanish VPNwhen you are traveling has its advantages! There is no need to worry about unsafe and public networks such as hotel networks. The service offers great protection functions to be protected from hackers.

VPN for travel and abroad
Use in restrictive networks (China, hotels)
Obfusication (masking)
Protection in insecure wifi networks
Shadowsocks or SOCKS5

Customer service from IPVanish VPN

The customer support is only available in English. You get an answer very quickly, but only in standard sentences that have nothing to do with the query itself. So if you are with IPVanish VPN If you have a question or a technical problem, prepare yourself for a lively correspondence with customer service.

Customer Service
Language of the applicationsEnglish
Customer ServiceEmailFAQ websiteLive chatPhone
Language in customer serviceEnglish

Technical data from IPVanish VPN summarized

special functions
AlwaysOn server
Automatic IP change
Dedicated Server
Own hardware
Shared IP
IPv6 (new)
No log files
Load balancing
Malware filter
Multi-Hop VPN
Neuro routing
Obfuscation (mask)
Own IP addresses
Own torrent server
Port forwarding
RAM disk (k.HDD)
Static IP
Tracking Blocker
Virtual Server

Created on:09/23/2019

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